Mumbai Meri Jaan!

My favorite scene: The Queens Necklace
Old news: I love Mumbai. At heart, I'll always be a Bombaywalli, sorry Bombayite, oh sorry again, Mumbaikar. Yes, the politically correct term for a Mumbai resident is a Mumbaikar. Any of those three monikers will do for me; ultimately they all mean the same. I'm not exactly how and why my connection with Mumbai is so strong but it's the only place on the planet I consider home. Perhaps it's more of a psychological connect. I associate the city with some of my most fond memories which include family, friends and of course, films. But I think my connection is far more deeper. My senses are immediately heightened the minute I land in the city. All the scents regular people complain of, I crave for: the dirt, the humidity, the phinal - all of it.

Memories: The Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba
It's really odd how people go through their entire lives simply in accord with where they're born as home. No one really feels the need to find their home. But then again, each of us have a different definition of the word "home". Anyway, for me I always feel that at some point in my own life I'd have a permanent home in Mumbai. The city has taught me, even from afar, to simply believe. I'm not sure what vibe Mumbai possesses, one that neither New York or Hong Kong even closely can imitate, but it works for me. It's exciting and scary, tingling and daring but it's exactly what excites me.

Where else in the world would seeing people sleeping on the streets seem super normal even though it isn't correct? You could walking in the dreaded heat and humidity but all it takes is a good chilled glass of nimbu pani and you're ready to face the grind again. Amidst the immense negatives, Mumbai manages to suck you in as you slowly love the asphalt and cement. A concrete jungle which is warm and welcoming.

Hanging Gardens!
But it's the people who make the city so god-damned addictive. They will give it to you as it is and yet welcome you with warm arms. And yet certain areas of the city are so intensely mesmerizing, that you find yourself submerged in a confused state of mind; to love or not?

I for one, am Mumbai's biggest fan. I don't care what anyone says, I simply love the city. Nothing, and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G can stop me from my love and I uniting forever.


Vivek Nanda said...

I might not be the right person to feel so much about the mumbai as I never lived there, but one thing for sure whosoever lives there falls in love with the city.
Hey one more thing, I'v started working on a new project could you please help me spread the word-

Rachit said...

I study in Ropar (Punjab) and, may work at a place far away from Lucknow ( my native city), but, believe me at heart I will always be a Lucknowalla.


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