John says Sorry!

Who wouldn't want to be kissed by John Abraham? Men and women all over the world would die to come within a close range of him, kiss toh door ki baat hai. However, a very lucky singer, Sugandha Mishra, who happens to be one of my favorite singers from the current Sa Re Ga Ma Pa crew, received a kiss from John when he appeared on the show to promote his upcoming film Jhootha Hi Sahi. And while he didn't mind and she was on top of the world, this didn't go down well with the young singer's grandfather.

It was because Sugandha confessed her undying love for the actor, that he felt the need to plant a cute kiss on her cheek. This led to a huge outburst from the singer's grandfather who created quite the mayhem in her hometown of Chandigarh. The newspapers were bombarded with statements from Sugandha's grandfather who was upset at the kissing incident.

What happened next? John trekked his way back onto the show and apologized pubically for the incident on television. Poor John! No more public kisses for him - that's for sure!

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