What's in a Name? Everything!

In my opinion, and this is really how I feel, your name ultimately defines you. Case in question, myself. For the life of me, I cannot imagine being named anything else but Roshni. It really has shaped who I am today. I am known for being a bright, fun, lighted person. Basically when you think "Roshni", you think: bright light. I would like to believe I live up to my name and its meaning. So why is it then, "people" choose to give their children odd names that mean nothing? I have single handedly watched family and friends name their children names that a) sound like noises, b) have no meaning and c) are foreign. And to me this makes absolutely no sense. I refuse to give examples because this would mean singling out people I know but in all honesty, I often wonder if parents realize that by giving their children a name that means zilch, they are actually providing them with a foundation that is ultimately weak.

One of the first words a child often hears and learns, is their own name. Research shows that this ultimately makes a child's name the most important word that they will learn in their lifetime. But in reality, a name defines a person and will shape their personality. Astrologically, specialists claim that your name has the most important influence on your life as it forms the development, destiny and personality -- which we have repeated many times. In order to create a sense of individuality and establish and identity, a name is perhaps the most important decision you may make in your life.

I think the moral of this story is simple. Check and re-check your child's name people. You will be responsible for every time they are teased, mocked and mimicked.


Sidrah said...

am I not glad that my parents didn't name me anything but Sidrah. I love my name (which is very common here) but i like it, its special to me =) =p

so many parents name their children after celebrities :s which i think is kinda stupid.. and useless. But to each his own =)

Dhruvi Shah said...

Like your blog! Comprehensive, informative and interesting. And great navigation within a simple design. Kudos!

Sunny said...

Amazingly true! I think nothing sounds sweetert to an indovidual than their first name. But the fact of the matter is also thata lot of times don't know the meaning to their name, and this recently happened at an informal session I had conducted (in US). I think Indians have lots of names to do with nature and most elements and variants are forces to reckon with. Very 'luminous' writing :).


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