Dabangg Review in 108 Words

Step-father and his Robin Hood corrupt police officer son find themselves at constant loggerheads. The cop takes panga with a local goonish youth politician who manipulates his younger brother and amidst the chaos, and a brewing romance with the village belle, he manages to kick some butt. Abhinav Kashyap starts with a bang and directs a rustic film with style. Salman Khan sports his moustache with great swagger, kicks some serious butt and speaks his OTT dialogues like a rock star. Sonakshi Sinha is heard and seen less. The action sequences are exaggerated but are a clear dedication to Rajnikant. Dabangg is how Hindi cinema should be. Masaledar!

1 comment:

raji said...

@ roshni, sonaksji was truely appreciable for whatever little prescence onscreen;her emotions were heartfelt..i like the way she "sharmaofies..."nazare jhukake"


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