What is Love? Pyar? Ishq? Mohabbat?

The answer to the above question: who knows. Basically a person like myself, an avid Hindi film watcher is screwed for life when it comes to love and marriage. I expect a man to do everything a Bollywood hero would do! Fight for me, shower me with sweet nothings, dance with me to my favorite songs and even place a dupatta over my head to tell me I'd make the most beautiful bride as I would coyly look away feeling shy. But life ain't no Hindi movie and in reality, no man will do any of the above. This means that the man I am looking for doesn't actually exist. And thus, I am f**cked.

But why should I only and merely blame Bollywood. Hollywood is no less. I found myself flicking channels this evening and stumbled on the ever romantic A Walk to Remember. Needless to say, I cried and sobbed over the romance and depth of love the couple felt for each other. I want a man to name a star after me! Okay, I wouldn't go too nuts if he didn't but you get the idea. Why do films do this? Why do they give us unrealistic expectations about men (and women, I guess)?

It is really hard for a girl of 27 to be single. Believe me, the world looks at you like you are an alien. Ideally, a girl in her late twenties should be married or engaged at the very least. Not waiting for her Bollywood hero to come along and sweep her off her feet. But what can I do? Like I said, my passion in life, Hindi cinema, has also screwed me for life. So I guess until I don't find a man who will sing when confessing his undying love for me, I'll wait. He is out there because as Madhuri Dixit said in Dil Toh Pagal Hai, "Somewhere someone is made for you". Yes, I had to end on a filmy note.

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