I'll Never Change!

No matter where I live, there are things about me that will a) remain Sindhi and b) remind me that in reality, I was born and raised in Hong Kong. On a daily basis I find myself realizing that old habits die hard and that while I may have hopped around the whole world, it is impossible to rid myself of these traits. Good or bad, I don't know. I do know they exist and so, they are an innate part of me. Check it out!

The Sindhi in me: 

* Always looking to see what xyz person is wearing
* Constantly thinking of ways to make money
* Loves to socialize
* Wants to travel
* Looks for ways to link myself to every Sindhi I meet

The Bombayite in me:
* Loves Page 3 and Bollywood
* Religiously watches After Hours on Zee to keep up with current events in the city
* Craves rasta food
* Sees a row of lights by water and immediately thinks about the Queens Necklace
* Smells phinal and is reminded of Mumbai Airport

The American in me:
* Thinks everything is chalta hai
* Can't understand why a live-in relationship is such a big deal
* Understands why Americans have lurve milkshakes and fries
* Believes that you get the best candy at the cinema

The Hong Konger in me:
* Cannot fathom Dim Sum on any other day but Sunday
* Has no issue with smelly tofu or watching fish being skinned at the local Chinese stores
* Loves Haw Flakes (if you don't know what that is, look here)
* Adores Hong Kong food

See what I mean! Nothing will every change. I'll move all over the world, and yet I will be the Sindhi girl who was born and raised in Hong Kong, who spent too many summers in Mumbai and then moved to the US for studies. I am who I am!

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divya said...

The Sindhi in me:
* Looks for ways to link myself to every Sindhi I meet

so truee! and if certain person has the same surname (either maternal or paternal) like me i really need or feel the urge to find a link or relation between my family and that person!


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