Aamir, Oh Aamir!

Apparently Aamir Khan has a very simple technique for staying young: he drinks four liters of H2O daily! And till date denies he has ever had any cosmetic surgery. Erm...so its the water retention that erases any wrinkles, eh? Of course, the liberal minded actor has no real issues with cosmetic procedures. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he revealed all this and more.

When asked if he was ghost directing Peepli Live, he went on the defense immediately. "I don’t even know how to answer that allegation anymore. I went on the sets of Peepli Live just once…that too when the entire unit sent me a message saying, ‘What kind of a producer are you? You don’t even visit the sets!’ The film is totally the brainchild and work of director Anusha Rizvi," was his rebuttal. And the reason for taking such a huge risk with a topic that is rural and "offbeat"? He's a risktaker.

Although the Khans are still dealing with the tragic death of his father, he ensure he spends enough time with his wife and kids. And he was quizzed on son Junaid who received a lot of attention after he was seen on the 3 Idiots Red Carpet. "I didn’t know Junaid, too, has a fan following. We’re very close… he’s my guinea pig. I make him and his friends watch my movies before release. But, he doesn’t discuss girlfriends with me," he said.

And as for joining the Twitterati for which he only sporadically leaves a line or two, he is still learning the ropes. But its all him and not his wife who was believed to be tweeting on his behalf courtesy of the spelling ala Vidya = Vidhya and Amit = Amith. He has a smart ass answer for that too: "The spelling errors happened because maybe I’m dyslexic."


Source: Hindustan Times

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