I Hate Love Luv Shove Storys! The "Real" Review

I Hate Luv Storys, which needs the byline, "A confused state of minds and hearts" is officially my least favorite love, sorry luv, whatever, romantic film. From the get-go one could tell that this film is dedicated to Imran Khan's fans -- female and male. Sonam Kapoor basically loiters around like pretty props and Punit Malhotra, Karan Johar wannabe, attempts to create a film that is pathbreaking. Fail. I don't want to get into the details of the plot and so on, if you want one of "those" reviews, look here. For the life of me, cannot understand why Malhotra would mock fun at classic love stories in a film which he most likely intended to be just that. For starters, it lacks a couple who has zing and chemistry, yes yet again that overused word appears. When you think back to romantic films which starred new pairs, Juhi-Aamir, Shah Rukh-Kajol, Madhuri-Anil, you saw some serious chemistry, biology, physics! The works. Imran and Sonam lack that quality. In fact, they look anything but attracted to each other. In the film, Khan tells Sonam at one point, "I never looked at you that way. You're just a friend." Rightly said Imran. Keep your relationship to friendship on and off screen.

The problem with IHLS is it basically lacks direction in the film. It goes back and forth between both characters realizing they are in love, wait, not they're not. Oh wait, yes they are. Hello! Are you or aren't you? This very back-and-forth of their feelings really began to get incredibly frustrating. And then, the music wasn't placed correctly. In the first half, they come one after the other. In the second half, they are bit more spread out but again so repetitive. Complete injustice done to Vishal-Shekhar who have easily come out with one of the best albums of 2010. In terms of choreography, the title song is fun while Sadka Kiya is yet another sari-sweater-scenic number. Typical. Blah.

As a director, Punit looks far too much like a wannabe Karan Johar. He has the new millennium Johar written all over him. If you're a K-Jo fan, this is great news. If you're not...well then, no comments. Even parts of the script have the Dharma Prod. stamp print. Post Dostana, Johar can't come away from the Gay innuendos. You will find a few in IHLS. Yes, for some reason, this is a popular subject in the Dharma camp. Ahem. The movie talks about how cliched and non-realistic Hindi romantic films are. And away from the set scenes, it houses a number of over the top cliched scenes. The mother-son break down scene is one prime example.

Okay performances. Imran tries soooooooooooo hard. Yes, that hard.And you know what, it wasn't bad. I actually liked him in this film. The film is basically centered on him. IHLS = Imran Khan. Sonam is well, typical Sonam. Okay, maybe she improved by a fraction but even then, nothing award worthy. Nothing about the film screams awards by the way. As a pair, this one should be refrained. Do not repeat. Her clothes should be repeated though. She looked fresh and radiant to her advantage. Sameer Dattani got on my nerves which is rather sad since he is pretty talented. The dude who played Kunal, Imran's sidekick was awesome! He wore some great tee's, drew up some fab graphs on love and women and was pretty darn funny.

Listen, IHLS is not path-breaking. It doesnt make you think about love and I definitely do prefer my classic Hindi films over this supposedly modern day flick. Its chicky and if you fit in the age bracket of 16 to the mushy-gushy type, then this is your pick for the month. But take my word, listen to the songs and create better love stories of your own. 

I think I'll sit and watch Maine Pyar Kiya again tonight. Yes, its cheesy but at least it was allowed in the eighties. Over and out.

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Sunny said...

Haha..there you go! When I wrote my thoughts on IHLS, they said the issue (if there was any) was certainly not direction. It's so in their face and they don't see it. Anyway, good write-up. Will keep coming back.


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