Sex, City and a Desi Girl

However cliched this may sound, I really honestly do believe that there are far too many similarities between the character Carrie Bradshaw and myself. Besides the obvious, she loves NYC as do I, she is journalist and I would like to believe I am on my way to fully becoming one and the fact that she loves shoes, there is also the mere fact that we are both clueless about M.E.N. I love Sex and the City and it doesn't bother me that the critics completely panned the second installment, I was super-excited to watch it. The critics called the ladies old and boring. They called the film racist and insensitive towards the Muslim culture. They even said there was no more sex and the title should have been changed to "Marriage and the City." But whatever these critics choose to call it, SATC 2 is really one meant for fans.

As I watched the film, I realized a lot about myself; things I had either forgotten or had somehow had been buried under the busyness of my life. For starters, almost immediately as the introductions rolled, my heart ached and pined for another NYC experience. As much as I go around claiming I dislike the United States of America, I simply adore New York City. In fact, I don't even consider the island to be a part of the country; NYC is a country in itself. How many more times will you hear me gush about the energy and power that the city encompasses.

I also realized I have no love life. Actually, lets break that up. I have no LOVE and no LIFE.

And while the critics sat and bitched out the Muslim angle, I actually thought it was rather interesting. I loved how these women behind the veil who are actually seen as old-fashioned and conservative, are really normal women who love fashion, glamour and shoes! They want what we do and have to secretly admire contemporary American life. It proved to be a good anecdote clearly demonstrating how traditions and modernism can be meshed. Listen, I'm a Desi girl and while we are far more progressive than the Muslim culture, we are still sometimes stuck in a time capsule. It sucks!

My favorite scene had to be the one where Carrie breaks down to Charlotte, regretting her action (I won't give it away) and in between sobs says, "I hope my past doesn't mess up my future." Ditto girl. She went on to talk about how she used to be this crazy girl running around New York waiting for the man she loved (BIG) to profess his undying love for her. And he did so! But all he wants to do is lie around on a couch watching television... which she doesn't want to. Sigh. Women; we're never satisfied. I'm on the fence about that one. While I can see myself getting rather irked about my husband wanting to stay in alllll the time, I would be cool with watching movies on the couch together too.

The woman have aged physically and even in their stories onscreen. Each of them is facing an aging dilemma: menopause, children and career choices. The clothes are, as the ladies would say, FABULOUS! You can't help but come home and hate your wardrobe afterward. Lots of Birkin, Christian Dior and Chanel. Gush, gush and more gush!

I'm Desi. I love my family, home and yes, my traditional ways. But even then I can take away the few underlying lessons that the film provided. For starters, marriage is not a piece of cake. You will need to learn to keep the "sparkle" alive. Neither is motherhood too by the way. Secondly, true love doesn't need breaks. You love each other irrespective of the situation. And lastly, men will come and go but your girlfriends will always be around.

Look, I don't want the Sex and the City lifestyle. It's not something I could keep up with. Far too much maintenance for me, thank you. All I want is the independent high-fashion honest lifestyle the women live. Oh and throw in a couple of top selling books authored by yours truly, and I'm set. But until then, and that day will come I assure you, I'll sit and live my dream through the reruns of the hit series and rewatches of both films.

Oh and I do apologize for not being around as much -- things have been hectic...and how! But I do promise to be around a lot more. And I'll post more FABULOUS posts ;)

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