Alvida 420

2010 has begun with a serious *BANG!* The first quarter has thrown so many lemons at me that instead of making lemonade or shooting tequila, I've found myself dodging them; that's the pace at which they've been lodged at me. But things are changing or rather I'm in the midst of some serious change. We move out of an apartment that I've lived in for five years now. And as I sit amongst boxes and bags filled with belongings I've had to sort through, I can't help but think of my times in 420; good and bad. I found myself taking a walk around the very-empty apartment reminiscing over the moments I've shared with my would-be ex-home. It was similar to a marriage which had come to its torrid end. I've cried in the walk-in closet over various issues, danced in the bathroom, napped on the couch while simultaneously worked my butt off in this apartment. But my time with it will end in just over 24 hours and my relationship with a new home will begin. I'll bid adieu to this place I called home for half a decade, say au revior to the memories ready to make new ones. When I close the door on my apartment on Friday, I know it will be the end of a era; one that housed (figuratively and literally) happiness and sorrow, laughs and tears and yet it managed to be my shelter. It gave me comfort and warmth when I most needed it. However, change in constant and thus, it is time for me to say good-bye. So with a heavy heart, I say ciao 420. I'll remember the good time and for what its worth, you rocked. But now I must move on to bigger and better spaces. You will be missed.

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