The Big 2-7 Hits!!

I turn all of 27 today! I think I'm most surprised that I managed to survive so many years. Here I am 27, alive and sane to a certain extent. They say (who is this "they", I often wonder) that it is a great age to turn filled with changes. I sure as heck hope so! Thus far, 2010 has been challenging. The universe and God have tested me on levels that are virtually impossible to comprehend. My dreams and aspirations, a chance at finally pursuing them, were shot down and postponed for another 365 days. And pretty much a whole range of issues which went from complicated to challenging and complicated. However, amidst the chaos came a chance for change - I'm beginning to sound like Obama now. But it has come. A change in me, my life, my independence, my home even. No one likes changes but in my case, it is welcomed and how. I need it more than anyone else because of the stagnant manner in which my life seems to be running.

I'm a firm believer in subliminal signs from God and the universe. Lately, they've been giving me loads in various forms indicating that a change is on the horizon. Anyway, all I want this year is for peace and clarity in my life in all forms; my career, relationships and in all situations I find myself in. So you can guess what I'll be wishing for when I blow out my candles. This year, I would much rather sit with a big slice of cake in front of the television but of course, that isn't going to happen. Instead, I'll be at a noisy Spanish restaurant -- mind you the food is amazing. But I will find some time to myself (much needed) to just sit and ponder over my coming year.

On a side note, I know I often complain about my teaching job but it has its days when you can't help but realize how fulfilling of a job it is. Today I received an adorable birthday card from a student whose name translates as "Hymn" and it read:

Dear Roshni, Happy Birthday! You are the best teacher that I ever met. You always love to help everyone when they need it and that is what makes you so special. When you help people, it is like a blessing from God and that is a blessing that you should never forget. You create so many connections to people and that is one lesson I learned from you. I am honored to be your student every time I walk through your door. I thank you for being my tutor, a friend and mentor in my life. Your student, G*y*t*r*

How can you not feel special with a note like that?

So its my birthday! And this year I am going to wish myself everything I wish everyone else; with God's choicest blessings, good luck, love, health and everything my heart desires. May I have a great year ahead! Happy Birthday to Me!!!

** All the photos are from my birthdays down the years! Nostalgia hit me this year majorly!!

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