My India; My Valentine

Valentine's Day is about love, pyar, ishq, mohabbat right? But whoever said we were limited to loving another person? I don't remember that being a part of the rules. And thus, I have decided that this year, my Valentine will be none other than my favorite country: India. Never will it leave me, never will it betray me and never will it hurt me. It was while watching one of my favorites, and a film that was highly criticized, Delhi 6 that I realized how much I love India. Irrespective of how much people (and the film) spoke about how India doesn't work and yet does, amidst the non-working part, I see beauty. Where else in the world will traffic stop, pandits called and hoards of people gather to watch the birth of a cow? Where else in the world would you find a temple filled with bells which promise to grant you your inner most desire provided you ring it will a true heart? And where in the world would you would find a country where strangers can become your own? I love it, love it, love it.

So this year, my heart belongs to India. It goes dhak-dhak for a country that works amidst the chaos. But it happens only in India. Happy Pyar Day Hindustan!

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