Diwali Mumblings

The festival of light - i.e. Roshni, could easily be my festival technically...right? Fat chance. This Diwali I missed my family and childhood more than ever. And wasn't the big things but the smaller things that I missed. My Aunts homemade mithai, fighting in the office over who would do what, lighting diyas outside our home door, running around on D-Day figuring out where we needed to be in time for a pooja or for an office cocktail. From childhood Diwali has always been a grand affair. Then I moved to America and it has never been the same. While sometimes I prefer the anonymity that Diwali heralds in the States, other times all I wish is to be back in my father's office gorging on cocktail samosas looking, eye at the door, waiting for an Uncle or Aunt to enter so we could attack them and watch them cough over a money filled envelope.

But Diwali brings with it a whole range of connotations that have disappeared into obsolete. Besides the usual Ram returning from exile, the underlying meaning that is associated with Diwali is simple: good over evil; light over darkness. And darkness comes in different forms. To a blind man, darkness is normal. That form of darkness can only be eliminated by a doctor. But to the ignorant, light is the truth.

When I have to look at how light has affected my own life, I think light in all forms has provided me with immense amounts of inspiration. It can be as simple as a star, the sun, my brightness in my Grandmothers eyes and even the twinkle in my cousin Sona's smile; all forms of motivation. But I also see in light in the good that other people do or in their successes which ultimately formed my webzine. Light is good in every form; there's no denying that.

What do I want for the New Year? Peace, happiness, success and the usual. But I also want guidance and direction in my life -- which I'm hoping Lord Ganesh will assist me with by demolishing all obstacles and Goddess Lakshmi will help in by providing me with the moolah to fulfill my dreams. And Pritish Nandy twittered the following for Diwali which summarizes life easily: "
If you pursue Lakshmi, she runs away from you. But if you chase Saraswati,Lakshmi usually comes along." And I couldn't have said it better.

Happy Diwali!!


ani_aset said...

you mentioned samosas and now i have to eat one :D..
happy diwali roshni..i spent mine with family this time :D..
P.S:this word verification is irritating..Please moderate rather :)

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