My Baabul

I'm not sure why B.R. Chopra's Baabul didn't work with audiences and at the box office; the film is so applicable to modern day where unfortunately daughter-in-law's are not considered daughters and widow's are still "abshagun." And as much as its sad, it is still a part of Indian society. Praise the Lord, my own Baabul is nothing like that. The word "Baabul" is an old Hindi term which emphasizes the affection or love between father and daughter. Usually used during weddings at the bidhai ceremony, the word in itself holds much emotion. While watching the film today, I was bought to tears and remembered my own Dad muchas.

My Baabul. Where do I begin with him? I call him Drona, Dad, Daddy, Daddyo, Bapu and he, Rosh or Bak-Baaki. My father is the only man in the world who will listen to my nonstop banter with utmost interest and actually disc
uss the randomness that is me. I've always been the most talkative one amongst my siblings and as a child, I would wait for my Baabul to come home from work only to tell him my entire days worth of nonsense. He knew that if I didn't tell him, I wouldn't be able to stomach my food and would listen patiently after a crazy day at work. I've inherited a rather strange and perhaps even lame sense of humor from my Baabul but no regrets; he gets my jokes, and vice versa. We also share a strange hobby: random movies. No one in the world may watch and enjoy a movie, but my Baabul and I will enjoy it like it was a masterpiece. We kick butt in Antarkshari, watch cricket online together and will debate every political issue on the planet. I can't do any of this with anyone else in the world but my Baabul.

As I saw Amitabh Bachchan give away Rani Mukherjee in the film, my eyes welled up thinking that one day I would have to drop my father's name for another middle name. But more than that, the thought of my Baabul having to give me away makes me tear as I blog. They say that God couldn't be around so he created parents; whoever said that couldn't have said a more truer thing. But father's are people who never get enough due. They are the ones who stay away from their kids the longest because they need to ensure their children are well taken care of. My Dad was no different but he taught us such important lessons in life, I only hope I can teach the same to my children.

As the lyrics of the title song go, "
Kaheta Hai Baabul, O Meri Bitiyan, Tu To Hai Mere, Jigar Ki Chitthiya..." I know my Baabul feels the same way... and I'll always remain my Baabul's girl.

And Dad, I have decided to add another name to the list, Baabul it is. I know I tell you this everyday, but I love you heaps and loads Baabul.


Reena said...

your article has given proper due to not only your Dad but to all us fathers.No doubt it is fathers who cry most when their daughters get married...........God Bless You Roshni... Uncle Ram

Toon India said...

nice post

webchetan said...

Beautiful words engraved with an open heart. Nice! I wish I had a Baabul, but life's not the same for all. May God Bless You Roshni!


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