Back into Action with "Wanted"

It is very rare that I go out of my way to review a film when I don't have to but this time, I really feel the need to and Wanted is one such film. While it probably has something to do with the fact I am an avid old school Salman Khan fan as well as those eighties dishoom-dishoom style action flicks where no situation can be resolved without a fight -- and what a fight! And when I heard that Wanted starring Rock Star Khan, Salman Khan, I knew I had to watch this one. So off I went to watch my favorite Khan, yes he is, dance to Prabhdeva's tune in this remake of the south superhit Pokiri.

How much I enjoyed the film? Well, I didnt have to write about the film and here I am doing just that...enough said? I beyond loved it! How fun was the film! Salman Bhai was rocking and how! The actor was back in action in his best avatar-- the action hunk. He was in top notch in every which way -- dance, fight and even romancing. I couldn't get enough of the way he danced in Prabhudeva form and even kicked some butt in that! He looked amazing and for a change, wasn't his loud overacting self. Instead, the film was massy and yet well executed courtesy of Prabhudeva and Salman. The stunts -- if you're a bit of a daring one like myself, were outrageously incredible and mind you, no special effects or stunt men here; Salman Khan does a double whammy! Ayesha Takia was adorable and the pairing was rather refreshing. The songs were not WOW but good enough to keep you engaged. All in all a good filmy experience -- and one to really enjoy!

Watch Wanted cause it rocks and kicks and dances!

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ani_aset said...

naaah im not buying that one :)


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