MKL - My Kaminey Life

Why has God forgotten me? Why am I the so alone?
Is it strange that I sit here surrounded by a crowd and yet I feel alone?
Why am I at a constant struggle with myself? With life?
I know my calling and have found my voice...and yet I am still finding my way.
Direction, I have none.

When will it be my day? When will I find myself on my way to success?
Or just on my way even!
I want away with my stagnant ways. Away with the nonsense.

Are you listening universe?
They say to ask you, work hard and you will do the needful.
I have asked and I work harder than you think.
Hear my calling.
How many more times will you let me hit rock-bottom?
It hurts down there. And now it hurts my heart too.

No more pain. No more fear. And only happiness.
Too much to ask for?

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sh..... said...

Nicely expressed..:-)


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