Aditya Singh Rajput

“It’s much more fun to be an actor because you portray different characters and is about living life in colors” ~ Aditya Singh Rajput

Aditya Singh Rajput is a model, actor and youth icon who you will find working hard by day and partying harder by night. You’ve probably seen the Addy, as he is fondly called, on a number of popular television advertisements: Coke, Hero Honda and even Amul butter. The young artiste has already worked with some of the greats in India including Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan and Anupam Kher and yet has remained as approachable as they get. He was recently accredited with the title of Youth Icon by a local newspaper and can easily be deemed as one actor to watch out for. Upon his insistence, the interview went from interesting to spicy. The extremely spirited actor talks to Roshni Magazine about movies, masti and all things related. Be sure to read about who his favorite actresses include and who he’d like to get down and dirty with!

You went from being a model to an actor. Did you always want to an actor?
I never thought to be an actor and when I was young and in school I pursued theatre as a hobby and modeling followed thereafter. After doing ad films one after another, film offers started pouring in and hence I got into acting.

You’ve worked with some of the greats—Hrithik Roshan, Saurav Ganguly, Ajay Devgan, Urmila Matongkar, Kajol and Anupam Kher. That is really something for someone as young as you. What have you learnt from all of them?
It has been an amazing learning experience. Looking at Hrithik [Roshan] you tend to learn how a person of that caliber and success can be so humble and down-to-earth. It was great working with him for my very first ad. What else could one ask for! I can’t comment on Saurav [Ganguly] since I had no interaction with him. Ajay [Devgan] Sir and Kajol have been great and have been very sweet to me. I never felt out of place working with two such big stars and had a great time playing their son on screen. I feel, he comes across as a sensitive actor as well as director on screen. Urmila [Matongkar] has been a great co-star and I really learnt a lot since most of my scenes were with her in Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara. At times she used to help me to emote in a particular manner and that has helped me to enhance my performance. Thanks to her and critics for appreciating my performance in Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara. Anupam-ji [Kher] is like my Guru. I have learnt so much during workshops and acting in the film on set and how to portray characters and different emotions which has also helped me not only in films but also in advertisements as well. He is my ultimate Guru.

You’ve also been compared to Saif Ali Khan because of your stylish and suave ways. How much pressure does that put on you not only to be successful but also to live up to that comparison? Are you a Saif fan?
I am a big fan of Saif Ali Khan and will definitely take it as a compliment. He has progressed as an actor right from his earlier days to Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste and was exceptionally great in Omkara, wow! To be compared with him at such a young age is a great compliment .I would like to take this comparison to another level in my career sometime.

You clearly defy the myth that models can’t act. Your performances in Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara and U Me Aur Hum. How did you land both roles and how was it acting in line with such illustrious co-stars?
Being a commercial model, acting always came by. Even though I am not a ramp model, I have been a show stopper for a big show, which was great. The myth about models not being actors had been broken a long time ago since most of the supermodels are present day famous actors. I got these films because of my work in advertisements also due to which a lot of filmmakers from big banners contacted me but I wasn’t in a rush to sign a project. To sum it all I feel I have worked with one of the best creative geniuses around at this age. Acting with these co-stars has been a great learning experience on a personal as well as professional level.

Recently you’ve been given another title; a Youth Icon. What does that term mean to you and how who are some of your icons?
It’s been overwhelming to have received a title, since the Youth Icon represents the young generation and I believe I can do justice to the title on a very personal front. Some of my icons include Anil Ambani, Shah Rukh Khan, Sania Mirza to name a few.

What’s easier – acting or modeling? And why?
That’s as good as asking which eye is more important – left or right? Acting and modeling is as easy or difficult as you make it. Though it’s much more fun to be an actor because you portray different characters and is about living life in colors – white, black and grey, which is a lot of fun.

Now we know you like to get out and party. How do you balance work and play?
Work hard, Party harder: Simple mantra of my life…especially when you are surrounded by honey bees (laughs).

What and who are some of your inspirations?
I get inspired on a personal level only and that too by my Mom.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I don’t plan my life and live for the moment. God has already written my destiny so it shall have to be awaited for 10 years to see where I am.

What is coming up for you next?
My second Tamil film by Linguswamy and my very different avatar in my third Bollywood film which is the sequel to the old Krantiveer which is scheduled to release in October 200. And yeah there are two more films. I’ll announce them once I’m about to have that cake.

How do you manage to keep the girls at bay? After all, they must be running after you.
Whilst working, my full attention is towards my work. But after work is when I unwind and party.

What are your words of advice to budding models and actors?
Working hard is the right way to do it. But working smart is the right way to make it.

If you could be anything else besides an actor or model, what would be and why?
I would have been a funky businessman. I would have used my funky attitude and sharp mind towards my family business.

How do you manage to stay fit fine and irresistible to the women?
Eat right and exercise right.

How do you react when you are flocked by girls who adore you?
I am more than glad to be admired by people. I think its God’s gift to me, when my work is appreciated. And yeah, when my looks are being admired by girls, I think being in this profession is all about money and fame and I take this as sweet fame. 

Who are some Indian women you think are hot?
Priyanka Chopra in her Dostana avatar, Kareena Kapoor, Rekha, Hema Malini, Madhuri Dixit, Madhubala and yes, Katrina Kaif with her sensuous and angelic combination which makes her wow!

Which actress would you most like to get naughty with?
Kareena Kapoor.

Who do you think is the hottest celebrity couple?
Undoubtedly Kareena [Kapoor] and Saif [Ali Khan].

~Roshni M.
(September 2009)

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