It just hit me today -- after a discussion at lunch with my mom, that I had achieved quite a bit in just about a year. And who would have known? I for one never knew that I could do what I've done: written for a multitude of magazines [ELLE India, Hi!Blitz, CityMasala, East-West Times, Myriad Magazine and DES], a number of websites [BollySpice, Passion for Cinema, DsPlacd] and also managed to send a letter to the Prime Minister of India which also got published in the SCMP. And all this in about nine months! So instead of being so pessimistic and negative about my accomplishments, I should actually be patting myself on the back.

The best part about all of this, is the number of great (and famous) friends I've managed to make. The ride so far has been incredibly fun and I'm sure the glitter will only continue.

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