"Ask and Ye Shall Be Told!"

Welcome to the first edition of Roshni Magazine. Yes, I named the magazine after myself, but no, it has absolutely nothing to do with me. The concept behind Roshni magazine is simple: highlight and spotlight South Asian around the world who have or are working their way up the ladder to success. Light and more light, “Roshni!” my father exclaimed. And thus Roshni Magazine was born.

Roshni Magazine is basically a collection of ongoing interviews. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a case of the Curious George syndrome. As I took my first steps onto the path of journalism my thorough enjoyment when interviewing personalities from all walks of life; hearing their stories, learning from their mistakes, seeking inspiration, and most importantly satisfying my hunger for curiosity. Personally I also believe everyone has a story to tell followed by a few lessons the rest of the world can learn from. Through Roshni, I hope readers will be able to gain greater insight from these incredible personalities.

For our first edition, we were extremely lucky to interview a great range of South Asians from all over the world who individually had much to say.

Whatever your reason for reading, I do hope you take away a meaningful lesson, an endearing story, or are further inspired to follow your dreams.


Love and Light,
Roshni M.

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