Ambitiously Greedy!

Finding ten minutes to blog has become literally impossible and its really hurting me terribly! Bad Roshni. So much for having a planner and attempting to allocate time to everything in life. Sheesh. So much has been going on, I have no idea where to begin! The magazine or rather webzine has become so busy and has taken off really well so yay for that. Otherwise, its literally been one thing or another. I'm so swamped - I want a break from it all! But I keep adding to my list of things to do which isnt necessarily a bad thing BUT some times all you want is to do NOTHING and unfortunately I can't do that...not anymore at least. I remember a time where I had nothing to do and ultimately that very NOTHINGNESS caused me a great amount of distress, gained me a bad reputation and also helped me get into a lot of trouble. So if I had to choose, I'd pick have too much to do over nothing in a heartbeat. I of course have a lot on my mind - movies, music, the magazine and goals taking precedence over anything else. Actually I also realized I've become ultra boring in the last year or so. All I seem to do is work and write - the two W's that is taking up all my time. Grrr. Not that I really mind actually. I enjoy writing... it makes me feel alive and kicking as well as important. Lately, I think I may have set a bit too high goals for myself but that is really okay. Reach for the moon, you'll at LEAST touch the stars. But if all I'm going to get are the stars, then I want all of them. Yes, ALL!

Oh well, I promise to write more... maybe I can fit in a blog a day. Believe me my notepad with blog topics is filled so I have lots to say and shout about.

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