P. Chidabaram: The Future Face of Indian Politics

He simply smiled, and told his security to lead out the him "gently" when a shoe was hurled at him as a sign of protest. A journalist was dismissed by the Home Minister as the he was unhappy with the reply to his question and thus, flung a sneaker in his direction. P. Chidabaram, however, was simply unfeathered. Such is the Home Minister of India; his simplicity shines when he speaks and smiles. His peaceful mannerism and fabulous presence is what makes him a cut above the rest. A complete liberal, Chidabaram has sat in some of the most high ranking seats in the Indian Government before reaching to his current stature of Home Minister. A Harvard Business School Graduate and owner of a Bachelor Degree in Science and Law, he played an integral part in aiding the Indian economy to grow at a rapid rate of nine percent a year. However, the ex-finance minister was not satisfied deeming the figure as "meaningless." He has a belief which involves India and all its classes. Not only would they need to come together and help better the future of India, but his ideology ultimately works to make it beneficial for rural and urban India.

As a Finance Minister, he opened up free trade amongst neighboring countries not only helping to better relations but also managing to decrease the amount of poverty in India. P. Chidabaram is exactly what India needs. The Congress Party has perhaps one of the most important factors which will help to aid its win in the upcoming elections and that is the Home Minister himself. He stands for the future of India: educated, collected and ever-ready to fight for the development of the country. Chidabaram is an inspiration to young Indians all over the world who are looking for ways to help further India but are unsure of how. The Home Minister too believes that education is key to a progressive India. If more children actually went through a complete education, not only would the literacy rate increase but so would the number of trained professionals, which is required most definitely in modern day India, he is said to have explained in an interview to a leading publication.

Along with the Congress Party, the latest agenda presented to the citizens of India was clear, if Congress was voted back into power in the 2009 elections. The focus was clear: the elimination and control of Terrorism. Not only did they provide a comprehensive list of how they would combat terror but divulged a clear line of attack when and if another strike occurred, demonstrating that 26/11 would not only be prevented but the citizens of India would be protected from further attacks.

So, why all the praise for the man? Well, it's really simple. P. Chidabaram is the epitome of current Indian politicians and the future face of India. A man of his caliber has the capacity and wisdom to move India ahead of its time. It is unfortunate that India is still being deemed as a "sleeping tiger" or a "potential superpower." For one, we are not sleeping and secondly why the adjective "potential?" All India needs is educated and informed politicians to help the country move ahead into the twenty-first century. Clearly, P. Chidabaram is the man to take it forward and lead India into the next generation. He was quick to step in and take on the burden of an angry India when Shivraj Patil stepped down after the Mumbai Terror Attacks as he was unable to take responsibility and the heat. Not only did he get to work immediately, showing great knowledge and care, but he was also determined to bring peace and retain credibility of the Indian Government to its people.

This is not a misleading opportunity to try and convince people in India to vote for the Congress Party. It is hardly that. In fact, I believe that each individual has their own choice and opinion of who and which party to vote into power. However, it is recognizing one man who shows great potential for the country. On a parting note, Chidabaram went on to "forgive" the shoe hurler understanding his emotional outburst and protest. Need I say more?

Photo Credit: The Hindu

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