12 Deadly Minutes

All the Sri Lankan cricket team wanted to do was go from their hotel in Lahore to the nearby stadium and play some cricket. What happened in between was nothing short of insanity on a terrifying level. Their convoy was attacked by a dozen terrorists who were well armed and ready to either take over the vans, holding the team hostage or blow up the vans in its entirety. It was 12 minutes of nonstop firing until the injured driver hit the accelerator and drove the convoy away from dangers. Luckily for the team, they managed to escape with a few scrapes to some players including the team's vice-captain, Kumar Sangakkara. The terrorists then, of course, escaped never to be seen or heard of since. Security personnel claim that a different route was planed out everyday for the team to ensure their safety. Whether it was a lapse in security or members of the security for the team were involved too is a mystery and we will never know the answer to that question.

On the other hand, the propagandist Pakistani media has shamelessly gone ahead and blamed the attacks on India. Why am I not surprised? They refrained from using the infamous "stateless actors" as a way to dodge questions about the identity of these men. If that wasn't enough, ex-cricketer and now politician, Wasim Akram, who previously claimed that cricketers and the game of cricket would never be harmed, quite literally should put a sock in his mouth. It disturbs me to think that it was actually the Indian team that was supposed to be touring Pakistan for this series. They decided against it after the Mumbai Terror Attacks. One can only imagine the chaos that would have erupted if it was the Indian cricket team that would have been attacked. Quite honestly, war would have broken loose on all accords.

It is a sad day in the world when sport takes a hit to political tension and is attacked in such a heinous manner. I have repeatedly howled about how this is all unnecessary. Unfortunately, Pakistan has a serious situation on its hand and fails to realize that very fact. They are losing credibility in all facets: politically, economically, religiously and now in sports too. The ICC needs to go further and ban not only cricket in Pakistan but its players from playing in any leagues or contests. While this step may seem drastic, many of the politicians who were previously cricketers are now a part of the government and will not stand for such a disgrace to its countries cricketers.

Perhaps we are not taking an enough of a stand towards terror. As a cricket lover, I could not help but look in pain at what was happening to a great side in a country that refuses to budge on terror. They need to realize that they are keepers of citizens that are destroying its reputation in the sub-continent. In the meantime, they will play the whodunit game, blame neighboring countries and totally ignore the question that is at hand, who within your OWN country is responsible? Will we receive an answer to the million dollar question? Don't expect one in this lifetime.

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