You Can't Beat the System

Photo Credit: Servanne

By Roshni Mulchandani

I have never been one to conform. Honestly, I need good reason to do indulge in something everyone else and their mother is following. Hey, I'm an Arian. We lead not follow. From a young age, I guess I've been a bit different. I love limited edition items for the simple reason that eventually no one will have it and I will. I dislike corruption, injustice, on and so forth. More and more I feel the need to "beat the system," and with each passing day recently, I realize that I cannot do it alone. The problem simply lies in the fact that the whole world relies on this new funda of "networking" or in plaid terms, "contacts." This is how the universe works. It's not fair to say that it only occurs in India. No. It happens all across the globe. To get your job done or even get a job for that matter, you need to know someone up the chain. It is only then that you will finally get what you have longed, yearned and worked for. It really saddens me because fresh talent is available but the youth do not know any significant people in the corporate world. It is for this reason that they are so discouraged. If that was not bad enough, more than often they have to feed people in the form of dollars, so that they can finally climb one small step. What is even more saddening is that, this youth, begins to believe that this is the only way to reach the top. So they adapt the same attitude. How will the world change if the same bogus philosophy is continuing over generations? No one, and I mean literally no one, is going to "beat the system." It somehow has become a part of global culture which in actuality is such a sad state of affairs. Talent has no value in this world. You can be with no skill and still reach the top in a heartbeat. What do you need? A few influential friends and a bag of bills - the greener the better.

As much as I have tried nonstop to defy this very belief ideology, it seems that I too will succumb to this very injustice and finally conform to a system that I cannot change single-handedly. While I may be too inconsequential at this point in time, I will eventually reach the top and I vouch to change this incorrect arrangement. In my "regime," talent will prevail over contacts. In fact I do not want to associate myself with any being that brings with them a person in a top ranking position. However, to reach that seat, I too may have to be a partaker of this corrupt system.

I always talk of touching the stars. Perhaps I have to realize that to touch even one star, I will have to go through a fog and cluster of pollution. The skies have been contaminated.

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