Valentines Shmalentines

By Roshni Mulchandani

Yet again another February 14th has arrived, and yes, once again (for the nth time), I am all alone. Although, I have to admit that this year more than ever, I really don't care. However, I'm not sure what the big deal is really about. I agree with the pessismists who firstly, obviously are not in relationships and secondly, claim that V-day is just another money spending, Hallmark holiday. Technically, this is "my" holiday, what with Rati being cupid's wife in Hindu Vedic mythology and the Goddess of Loving[The picture above is Rati and her husband Kama].But if I go by that, I should be pro-love and excited for today. For the most part I love the idea of love, but naturally I have my days.

In the past, my idea of love has been very...childish. As much as I do enjoy being in love, in the past I feel like it has sucked out a lot from me. Most of my foolish mistakes were simply because I was in love with men who knew I loved them immensely. Clearly those men were not ones who would last a lifetime but I think personally I feel blessed that I made the decision to let them go and I think them for leaving me in some cases. Love, in my opinion, can only be handled by mature adults. I think I may just be saying this because I've grown up so much more in the past year. Finally, I have understood the importance of honesty, space and self-respect in a relationship. Those traits build the foundation from which you can pile on heaps, dollops and layers of love. Love nowadays is so "filmy." Everyone wants to dance in the snow, get wet in the rain, be showered with presents. But no one wants to be loved. I may have matured a lot lately, but when it comes to love, I still believe that if you are with someone who cares, loves and understands you, the superficial material "things" mean nothing. I've never cared for fancy cars or big diamonds. Instead, bring on the popcorn and a movie! I'm more than happy with that.

However, since I am alone this V-Day of 2009, I've decided that I will wish for love and peace all over the world. This year more than any other, we need love to help us get through the tough recession and constant terror in the world. I hope my message of love fills the air so people who are fighting can drop their weapons and learn to love instead of hate. Where is the time to hate, when there is so little time to love?

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