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By Roshni Mulchandani

Received my first hatemail yesterday! I was thrilled to bits. My editor wasn't too happy but I was the happiest person in the world. In my world, when you received a hate mail, it means two things; First, that people are actually reading your work and secondly, they dislike you! The fan was obviously upset that I had written a media bite revealing Kareena Kapoor's snooty side ( What he doesn't know that I too am a huge Kareena fan and her "I am the best" attitude is what I love most about her. I only wrote what she said and really shouldn't shock anyone. Her proud nature is what makes her different and a cut above the rest of the current crew in Bwood. Anyway, the email was beyond hilarious and I love the loyalty this fan has shown. Bebo is one lucky actress - her fans adore her and will literally call anyone out for criticizing her! Gotta love her though - so I know why.

Read the email for a real laugh.

Hello Miss Roshni Mulchandani.....Since the last few weeks, the media are constantly bashing Kareen Kapoor...and the latest one is your article Well there's a limit to everything.....This time we, Bebo fans, can't take it anymore....Aparently you think to highly of yourself...If you really want to write articles then do it properly andas a true professional.First of all get your facts right before writingan article... Kareena NEVER compared herself to the up and coming girls in theindustry....She was ASKED who among them she thinks deserve thisaward...And her answer is right in my opinion...What did you expect???Someone like Katrina with ordinary acting talent should get this? Or a2 films old Deepika? So whats wrong if she feels there's a long way togo for them?? She's right.... Also she never said her contempories don't come up to herstandard...From where did you bring this up?? From Roshni'sdreamland??? Instead of bashing people, go and write about what's happening inthe world...about poverty...about financial crisis...write constructivearticles.... Btw Miss Roshni I hope you receive an award for writing rubbish articles.....Now if you find what we said to be harsh then look at your article first ...bashing of Kareena was not really necessary but u had to add your spicy element in it....Hence you can try and understand what we Bebo fans feel about her being bashed unnecessarily evry now and then....You won't really make a career out of bashing someone...Atleast fear God...He's looking at everyone up there...You are young...Am sure you'll have a great career...Best of luck....Bebo fans

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