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"Aggravation" is the word for today. All day I seem to be reading about the horrors of being human and I am now trying to understand how it is considered the highest state of living. It is said that you must work yourself up the chain from ant to human. In fact, believe it or not, according to Indian Vedas, a stone is the lowest form of life. That whole concept makes me question the existence of some people on this planet. How on earth did they manage to climb up the ladder from stone to human and yet be as stone-hearted or as ignorant as an ant? Okay, so why am I ranting and raving, screaming and shouting, venting and vocalizing. There are many reasons for my outburst.

First of all, I am an Obama-ian. Like the rest of the world, I think its fabulous that we have finally been able to move away from the usual White-folk and give the colored people to run a 'superpower.' Like the rest of the world, I too think, "Hey! Maybe he knows what to do with the current economic problems, terrorism issues, rotten medical and faltering education." So when I wake up on the morning of February 26th, 2009 morning and read the following headline, "US lines up billions for Pak, ignoring terror links" ( on, all I wanted to do was scream. I cannot believe that America is literally turning a blind eye to all the terror links that Pakistan is no doubt associated with, and giving them five billion dollars in aid. It's not as though America has the extra money anyway, so why on earth would they donate in "aid" tax-payer money to a country who will take the money and infiltrate it back into terror aka the Taliban. I'm sure the government, ISI and its terror counterparts are probably ecstatic at their new win and waiting to receive the aid so they can get down to planning some more attacks against the rest of the world.

And then I was even more disgusted when I read that more women in South India are being harassed by the same fanatical group, the Sri Ram Sena, that was previously torturing them in local pubs. They just don't get it. After all the humiliation, the Pink Chaddi campaign and the media literally lashing them out, you would think this group would finally close shop and go into hiding. But they just don't get it. And now, they are all about suing the Pink Chaddi Campaigners. Sue them for what? For exposing you? Oh get a life!

Talking about low lives, why is it that these people get to be humans when they should be a pebble on the ground? How is it, they seem to gain power and money only to misuse it? I've heard it all before. We need evil and hate in this world so we can understand love and peace. Then why is it that no one seems to get it? I'll probably keep pondering over these aspects of life and until them keep ughing and looking for ways to get it out of my system.

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aham said...

was scouting thru ur blog and found this old post, wanted to say a few things, though I dont in no way support sri ram sene or any organization thats indulges in such acts, but i found it strange that in all this hullabaloo the point got lost, is smoking and drinking a good thing? in order to support the pink chaddi or whatever they call themselves, poeple have indirectly support men/women indulging in smoking.drinkin(most people in a pub do this maybe some might be there just to hang out but i think a majority do). so I want to know from you something that I ask others something a bit out of topic, to bring gender equality should women be encouraged to smoke, as men smoke more then women today or men should be encouraged to smoke less, most pink chaddi supporters etc etc seem to support the 1st option. what do you support?


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