Follow Your Bliss...

By Roshni Mulchandani

For some, they find their calling in life from a young age. I know of numerous people who grew up knowing they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer from a young age. Lo' and behold, they are in the process of being MD's now and on the way to becoming fine solicitors. However, there is a chuck of the population who grow up kept changing their minds. Personally, I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. As a young girl, like everyone else, I too wanted to enter the field of medicine. Later it changed to fighting for justice in law and then after a while I figured my safest choice was to become a Marketing (Business) student. In my opinion, any kind of education is never really wasted and even though I never see myself ever opening my own business, I have used the information I learnt and have applied it to my life in many ways.

Writing has always been my hobby and something I knew I was innately good at. It has never been hard for me pen my opinions but I never thought of it as a career option...until now. In the recent past, I have realized the inifinite job opportunities that the writing world offers: magazines, newspapers, portals sites and scriptwriting. Not only does writing help me voice my opinions and knowledge but in ways more than one it finally feels like I have found my calling. I believe that it is important to love what you do in life - whether its a job or not. There is nothing better than being paid for something you love doing. While the money factor hasn't kicked in yet, but when it does, it excites me to think I would be getting a check for doing something I put my heart and soul into. I will eventually make it through all of the above mentioned facets of writing - but for now the future seems exciting and more importantly I realize that this will only happen with a lot of hardwork and dedication. Because of my interest in so many different subjects: politics, environment, India and Bollywood to name a few, I feel that I need to cover all areas of journalism. Additionally, unlike the majority, I want to be known for being a responsible journalist and not twist the truth. This is especially when it comes to my country and the way in which it works. My goal is to finally become a Bollywood script writer but that is in far in the future and will take lots of work.

We all question our purpose in the world at some point in our lives. Whether its when we are down and have hit rock bottom or when we have hit a complete high and are still not satisfied. Either way, if you have something that keeps you intrigued and involved, you stop questioning what your purpose is. Being passionate, confident and persistent is just one part but actually making your dreams a reality takes more than that. You have to be willing to face defeat and downfalls, add to that some insult and some times you will wonder if its worth it at all. But when success does come knocking at your door, and thats the most exciting part, I can imagine it being a divine experience.

So what's my point you ask. Well quite simply that you never know when your calling will come; it could be today or tomorrow. You just never know. I never thought that at 25 I would finally find my vocation. It took a while but that doesn't mean it's too late. Its never late to start all over again and this time I know what I've found is finally for keeps! So wish me luck as I venture into the world of words and pray that my calling becomes my final destination in my career. In the meantime, follow your own bliss.

P.S.On a completely random note - I finally met my new favorite politician Ro Khanna. He was simply AWESOME! In a span of nearly 2 hours, I learnt so much about him, politics, and even life! But the lesson I took away the most was that humbility is a virtue that one must always instill in themselves. And the idea of constantly expressing gratitude for the people around you, for those who have supported you and for yourself. I have a feeling, I made a new friend (or older brother) for life. Plus, I see traits of a potential presidentship 20 odd years down the line. So Vote Ro Khanna 20XX!

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