Making a comeback!

By Roshni Mulchandani

I've always been a fan of Madhur Bandakar. His movies are inspirational and realistic. So when, he released his lastest "Fashion," I knew I had to watch it. While watching I realized a few things. First of all, I could relate to the character of Meghna Mathur, (Priyanka Chopra)coming from a small town into the big bad world of Mumbai trying to make it big. When success hits her head, she loses her morals, values and love only to then lose everything. Luckily for her, life throws her lemons in the form of another chance. She obviously is nervous but realizes that she needs to make lemonade and makes a comeback.
I think my comeback is yet to arrive. I've had lots of chances in my life - small ones to make up for my mistakes and past. But life has been kind to me and once again has thrown me a huge lemon this time - and this time i'm not letting it go. I may not have the best rep or the best past record. But falling and getting up again, I can finally see my dreams come alive in the near distance.
This time though, I'm not letting any man come in between what I want which I always have in the past. This time, its all about me and once again i'm not going to settle.
As for me, I think that my time has finally come. I have always wanted to be a part of the media, and on some level, I guess I am willing to do anything to reach the top. Giving up my morals is something I don't think I will ever give up. I've never seen myself as being NOTHING or a NOBODY. I'm way too ambitious for that. I need to be recognized and known. Fame, fortune and glam - I want it all but not for the sake of my beliefs.
While watching the movie it did scare me though watching Priyanka crumble under her success. I love the lifestyle and now in my life I feel so lost that when I saw it all, I felt like THAT is where I belong. Amongst all the glitz of Mumbai. For now, I'm working hard to establish contacts and build a strong foundation for myself. I know success is ahead, and i'm ready for the world to know me. Watch out!
The ending of the movie was so inspirational - No matter what happens, the show must go on... and that is how it is.

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