Kareena's Foodie Issues

By Roshni Mulchandani

Poo, Bebo, Kareena, Saifeena and now 'Chana-singdaana' girl, Kareena Kapoor keeps adding new aliases to her list of nicknames. While trying to maintain her size zero look which she adorned dancing on the beaches in Tashan, Kapoor has taken to eating peanuts and chanas on the sets of her movies. Currently shooting in beautiful Venice, one wonder how the Kapoor girl is managing to keep her hands off the local favorites.
Her dietician claims that the only essentials Kareena takes with her on her outdoor shoots is her diet plan along with supplements he recommends. He further claimed, “My motto is to think global, eat local instead of making my clients carry local khakra from home” So what is Bebo feasting on during her shoots at the Venetian locales? “Pasta and cheeses!” was the answer. “Before that she was shooting in Ladakh. Bebo adapted very well. She gorged on momo’s and thuppa noodles!” Kudos to you Bebo darling. We truly do admire a girl who can eat, stay fit and still look as beautiful as you!

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