What's in a name?

By Roshni Mulchandani

Out of sheer curiousity on the auspicious day of Diwali, I was reminded that Roshni(my name) is synonymous with the meaning of the festival. Diwali is of course, the festival of lights - which of course is what Roshni means. But I was interesed to know more. Other cultures use Roshni as a name, and I wasn't sure if it meant light in all of them. After some research, I discovered that in Iranian and Persian, Roshni means "brilliance, luster". I'm sure they pronounce it differently with a touch of Arabic and the major rolling of the tongue. So basically it has the same meaning if I continued to search - something along the lines of brightness.

So I decided to search for my other (yes, I have two names) name: Rati. So this one is a bit more detailed and historical. Rati, in Sanskrit means "rest, pleasure" which is really ironic cause I am one of the most restless people in the world. In Hindu mythology, Rati ame of the wife of the Hindu god of love Kama. So Cupid's wife? She also the goddess of Love and Lust, which is actually a bit understanding of my constant need of love and attention.

Anyway, as for my name - I think I fit both of them quite well. So this Diwali, enjoy life and spread Roshni everywhere!

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