What Women Really Want

Your Sexy Flaws
By Roshni Mulchandani

When perfection is expected, it’s only polite to reciprocate it. So instead of being demanding divas, most women prefer to take a few qualities that they like and deify them, building individualized fantasies of their ideal men. Surprisingly enough, women would actually prefer real men with flaws over men that try to flaunt a superficial state of perfection in hopes of impressing the ladies. When combined with a charming personality, flaws can actually be…kinda sexy. So gentlemen, put away the pickup lines and pick up some real tips to winning hearts and scoring smart by letting your flaws peep out.

Barack Sexy Obama
Although politicians have historically been the object of lust and sexual envy, Obama is definitely a cut above the rest. Clinton and Kennedy, to name a few were stereotypically good looking politicians – blonde hair, blues eyes and fairly strong frames. Obama on the other hand is unconventionally good looking, with his big Ross Perot ears and purple-stained smoker’s lips, he can hardly be considered hot. Currently, however, Obama is the hottest politician making the rounds inside and outside the political arena, especially amongst the women. College students swear by him and parade around in “Obama is sexy!” tees while older women see a mature, sensible man who loves his family and more importantly, keeps his wife by his side. So what is it that makes him ideal? His most prominent trait is his ability to speak to large crowds with simultaneous power, honesty and charisma, As a sincere, intelligent man who can speak in public with such eloquence, he clearly demonstrates that he knows how to turn on the verbal charm. But perhaps one of his greatest traits that make him one of the most ideal men is his passion. Whether you agree with his political decision or not, his passion for change is believable, genuine, and relatable. His quiet confidence shines despite his “lack of experience,” and he has been able to galvanize those uninterested in politics, disprove those skeptical that a black man could ever make it this far into the elections, and in a recent poll, has shown to actually be the preferred candidate over McCain amongst traditionally-Republican evangelicals. Yes, his ears may be “too big for Mount Rushmore,” but his passion is big enough to capture the hearts and minds of America.

Johnny Mysterious Depp
An Oscar-winning actor who prefers to stay away from the limelight, Depp is definitely the international man of mystery. Depp has singlehandedly shone in period roles such as Rochester in play-turned-movie The Libertine, fantasy roles such as the infamous Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, quirky fiction icons like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and dark off-beat roles like Fleet Street’s demon barber in Sweeney Todd. His secretive, gloomy ways and casual, poetic style make him irresistible, even naughty in some ways. Women are constantly looking for men who have more to them than what meets the eye, and Depp, although simple on the exterior, is exactly that. His dedicated choice to avoid the media glare and commitment to staying true to his passion of acting as an art form (Depp looks at each role for its depth, not solely for its presented monetary value), leaves women swooning with fantasies so imaginative, Depp would opt to cast himself as the dark hero.

Anderson T.V. Cooper
CNN host and news reporter, Anderson Cooper (who just happens to have life-size cutouts of him displayed in various public places) is extremely popular amongst young women and men alike. A distinguished Yale graduate, who was also named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, Cooper is the perfect blend of brains and beauty. Although his premature grey hair would have most men frantically sprinting for the closest box of Just for Men, the fact that he can confidently flaunt his ashy locks makes it his signature trait. His daredevil stints to various risky destinations in the world sporting only a simple polo and khakis make him all the more humble and appealing, especially knowing that he comes from the Vanderbilt family, one of the most historically recognized and wealthiest families in America. He has received much praise for his Emmy award-winning reporting skills and his connection with loyal viewers. Besides being smart and full of knowledge, the ladies love his metro-sexual, well-groomed look and sensitive personality that he mixes with his dangerous globetrotting. Women and men alike envy his quick wit which he wears on his sleeve. His masses of female followers tune in to his daily program to view his refined reporting and noble good looks. Whether or not they actually listen to the news? Now, that’s a different story.

Hope you’ve been taking notes, gentlemen. Actions speak louder than words, and women today are testing the waters by feeling your vibes and scrutinizing your every move to determine just how sexy you really are. Revealing your flaws, not only makes you human, but also shows us that you’re feeling comfortable enough in yourself (and comfortable enough in our feelings for you) to let free a little bit of your not-so-perfect, true being. Remember, don’t go crazy showing or talking about too many flaws, especially on a first date . . . you might scare us off. Instead, if you’re skilled enough (or an avid observer/listener), pick and choose the qualities you want to expose depending on the lady your wooing. Just make sure you don’t change who you are or fake personality traits that don’t exist—it will just catch up with you later.

Edited by Maya Champaneri

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