Taking a Breather

Three Vacation Spots Just for the boys
By Roshni Mulchandani

The boys, the beach, the beer and the best time of your life—put them together and you get what is called a “mancation.” A mancation is, as Vince Vaughn hollered in The Breakup, every man’s dream vacation. We’re talking boys being boys and taking some much needed time away from the office, everyday life and yes, even loved ones. Even Health.com recommends guy getaways as “a facet to a healthy lifestyle.” It’s a time away to do as the lads do and live like a college student again. Brace yourselves, gentleman: We’re about to take a look at three unforgettable vacays for men. So put away the blackberries, PDAs, cell phones and most importantly, kiss your women goodbye as you head to some of most globally recognized mancation destinations.

Welcome to the land down under, mates! Australia was voted as the top destination in the world for guy getaways. Adelaide has some of the best breweries that Australia has to offer and provides a plethora of opportunities for the boys to hop on a barstool and kick back with a variety of international beers to satisfy nearly every man’s taste. One of the most popular “sports” (accompanied with a cold pint, of course) amongst men is poker. In fact, most breweries will bring out the cards and chips to prepare you for a guaranteed gamblin’ good time. The Australian Outback will provide you with some of the most exciting and rigorous outdoor adventures possible. For those who prefer to be ocean-dwellers, surfing alongside some of the best coastlines and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef boast unforgettable sights to see: brightly colored coral, tropical fish and warm sun only begin to describe the experience. If you’re not already worn out, rock climbing is extremely common amongst the native blokes—try Australia’s Ayer Red Rock for a real kick. After all that outdoor activity, a day at a local spa is required to relax those tensed muscles and sore legs. Australia has some of the best “manspas,” ranging from traditional therapeutic cures to European remedies. If you’re looking to treat your taste buds Aussie-style—try a steak of Kangaroo meat straight off the ‘barbie’ to really give yourself an exotic culinary feast. All you really need in Aussie-land is a pair of shorts, shades and the dudes—everything else can stay at home.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Enjoy your days in the city where the only way to tell the difference between night and day is the amount of sunlight—the party never seems to end. Las Vegas, Vegas, sin city—whichever alias you prefer, the brightest city on earth is sure to keep you spellbound. Sun, shows, and sultry drinks galore, Vegas has more to offer than what meets the eye. Start your day with a drink or two as you lounge by the pool and work on your tan. Looking for more debaucheries? Some hotels have private pool areas where you can rent a cabana and indulge in European style sunbathing. Dry off quickly while you walk the strip and take a tour down one of the world’s greatest landmarks sipping on mile long margaritas and venturing in and out of fancy resort hotels. As the sun sets on the scorching desert, take your growling stomach to one of the many celebrity-frequented restaurants. Check out Paris Hilton’s favorite place to dine at The Venetian’s Tao Restaurant and bar or Food Network star Emeril Lagasse’s trademark restaurant Table 10 at the Palazzo Hotel. To satisfy the voice inside you that prohibits you from leaving until you make some money, hit the slots or tables to try your hand at luck as slinky servers spoil you with non-stop drinks. Rather not gamble with probability? Get in line behind the velvet rope and go clubbin’ at the happening boutique lounges flooded by celebrities. Check out wet-n-wild Tryst at the Wynn Hotel with its 90-foot tall waterfall, or the half-acrobatic, half-nightclub, seventies-inspired Studio 54 at MGM Grand. Hungry for more? Entertainment for the chaps of all kinds is available, from chic strip shows, to cabaret and burlesque performances, to the company of beautiful women offered by escort services. Take a joyride in your private limo filled with wine and treats to keep you busy on your wild ride downtown. With age being no barrier and an anything-goes vibe, boys are definitely allowed to be boys here, as long as they can actually keep what happens in Vegas, in Vegas.

Beer gardens, beer halls, beer, beer and more beer. Hail Germany! Germany gives refuge to international beer lovers who flock to Bavaria during the month of October to indulge in Oktoberfest, the bottomless beer festival that takes place at some of the oldest and finest breweries in the world. Noted brewery Benedictine Abbey Weihenstephan, has been around since 725 and still ferments over 1300 types of beers daily. Germany is also home to some of the finest cars in the world: Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche, so after the beer sessions are over, head on over to the automobile factories, which show you the finest and oldest cars they have stored for your viewing pleasure. After soaking in some laid-back German culture, indulge the palate with some traditional food, sure to satisfy the “meat and potatoes” lover in you. If you’re interested in snacking on finger food, try an old-fashioned German pretzel or the traditional wiener schnitzels (the equivalent of an all American hotdog) and walk the streets like the residents do. Save space of course, for a scrumptious apple strudel to gratify your sweet tooth. After enjoying the entire day satisfying your senses, the nightlife of Germany is bound to make you feel like royalty—most of the trendy clubs are old castles that have been converted into night clubs and lounges. One of the biggest highlights of course, is the abundance of urban parks, which as the name states, have modern amenities such as an outdoor discotheque, a beer garden and nude sunbathing to bring out the European-ness in you. Modern Germany is definitely a place to visit with the crew—you’ll be hiccupping all the way back home with fond memories of foam drinking.

So while we don’t guarantee you’ll get home sober, we do promise an incredible time and memories that will truly last. All you need to pack is your shades, shorts and a party hat. Behave how you will and do what you want—it will all stay with the boys after all. Finally, a note to all the women: We don’t suggest calling your significant other…chances are he’s not gonna answer.

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