100,000 Hits and Counting!!!

Thank you for 100,000 hits and the love!
Welcome to 2013, folks! The year got off to a fantabulous start for moi! For starters, I danced my way into the New Year. If my feet could talk, they’d curse me out—yes, that much pain! And then, woke up on the 1st of January to see that my blog, this blog, surpassed 100,000 hits! First wish of the year comes true – pretty awesome I’d say. But this is time for gratitude, I believe. So thank you all very much for repeatedly venturing out to check out, comment, hate, love and share what I rant on about regularly. 100,000 views is a lot of reading for you lot – shukriya. Please keep coming back and continue to show your love (and/or hate) for what I pen about. It keeps me going.

2013 is going to be no different, I assure you! It’s gonna be a year of insane blog posts filled with controversies, opinions, challenges and of course, love. If I offend anyone (besides Karan Johar), I apologize in advance. And as usual, you are free to call me out and add a comment – I approve all comments irrespective of the name calling and foul language you may throw my way. So comment away then!

And before I sign off, here’s wishing you and yours a great New Year filled with all great things in abundance.

In the meantime, watch this space!


S|R-JoHN said...

Well done and keep grooving !

Rosh S said...

Congratulations, Roshni. I came across your blog today and really love it! Here's to 2,00,000 hits :)
BTW, I share your name ;)


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