Ten Day You Challenge: 1 Picture!

It took me an extra day to get to Day 10. Just when you think life can't throw you any curve balls, it does just that. And it's really odd that this "curve ball" happened to occur a day before I would have finished up my challenge. But such is life. I think there was a message behind it, which I haven't figured out just yet. But I will. Anyway, so Day 10 of the challenge is to put up a picture of myself. It got me thinking about myself. I'm hardly your atypical normal girl. I'm bipolar, filmy, a dramebaaz, nautanki, talk to much, like nearly everything but hate just as many things, get angry far too quickly, love passionately as I detest and so on. I actually sound supremely complicated, na? Okay, really it's not like that. I just have a lot of shades, I guess.

Okay one picture... hmmm okay, I pick this one.

By the way, with this the Ten Day You Challenge also ends. Done!

1 comment:

sh..... said...

I have become a fan of your writing now!! The one who challenged you in actual seem to be a real rival in ur life!!! You so made it all 10!!!


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