It's That Time of the Month.....

It’s that time of the month again. No silly, not “that” time but the time where there are too many burning issues that are weighing on my mind and thus, I must put them down vis-à-vis a blog post. Oh word of the week, by the way, is ‘burn’. And I’ll tell you why. So apparently, this month is filled with XYZ Days. Yesterday happened to be Teddy Day. Please do not aw and gush on me. Please no. It’s simply absurd all these silly days. What purpose do they serve? None. And thus, if you are dating someone who is giving you a teddy bear and not teddy lingerie, you should burn the bear effective immediately. But it doesn’t stop there. Please check out the list of lame days that will occur this February. If you honor/celebrate more than two of these, I will judge you. Alright then, back to burning issues.

Yuvi Yuvi Yuvi
By now every single cricket fan/fanatic has already expressed their grief over Yuvraj Singh’s cancer news. I of course, am no different. Naturally, I am convinced he will bounce back and be his usual self. But as cricket buffs, we need him for more than one reason. Yes, he needs to get well soon and get back on the team, lord knows they need them and how. However, Yuvi brings with him a great amount of excitement. He’s funky, wicked and wild. He hits sixes, dates girls nonstop and of course, when you need him to, gives the spunkiest answers to dodge ablaze questions. And lastly, Yuvi should come back hit yet another six sixes and win us another World Cup. Just imagine, he helped Team India win with strains of cancer floating around in him. The guy is such a star.

Baby Falak
It’s such a sad sad sad society we live in. If you haven’t heard about little two-year-old Baby Falak, here’s the gist. Young 22-year-old Munni was sold to her husband when she was 16 to a man who eventually walked out on her leaving her with 3 children to fend for solo. She was promised a job if she moved to Delhi. Unknown to her, that line of work would be prostitution. When she refused, she was told to marry another man and to leave the children to a friend. Her oldest daughter was sent to live with a relative, her son is yet to be found and her baby, who has now been named Falak, moved around from family to family. Eventually, she fell into the hands of a young teenage girl who belonged to a sex worker group. She had run away with an older man who had abandoned the teen to see his family and wife in Mumbai. She was forced to take care of the baby alone and tortured the baby nonstop. The baby’s head was smashed against the wall, a hot iron was placed on her face and there were bites all over her. The teen bought in the baby to a local hospital asking for help when officials discovered something was just not right.

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. For starters, selling your child is a phenomenon I just cannot fathom. But we have no one but ourselves to blame for this entire ordeal. As a society, baby girls have always been frowned upon. And thus, the easy way out always seems to be to get rid of our girls whether it’s marrying them off earlier or in some cases sell them off even. We don’t look to see if the man is at all capable or trustworthy; as long as she’s out of our hair, who cares. This desperation in itself forces our daughters to deal with situations solo. In the case of Munni, leaving her children to marry for the second time seems like a raw deal to me. A man who wants to care for you, should do so irrespective. She may has well have gotten into prostitution then. But the real victim here is Baby Falak. Just thinking about the poor pain a voiceless two-year-old had to endure alone infuriates me. When will we finally wake up and realize this is not acceptable? When will we grow up and realize that a baby girl is just as precious as a boy? And when on earth will we start punishing such assholes for these heinous crimes? How many more baby girls will it take?

Sid Mallya
And very quickly, if you’ve been following the Ayesha Takia versus Siddhartha Mallya/Kingfisher Airlines fight on twitter, you’ll probably have learned that he is an ultimate douchebag. He has no manners, nor does he care about anything but himself clearly. I don’t care how rich you are and who the hell your father is, your company screwed up. Own up and figure it out already. After Ayesha’s sister’s boarding pass was shredded by some ground staff for whatever reason, he simply came out to ask who Ayesha was and also told her to “pipe down love.” I tell you where I’d like to put that pipe; up a hole where pipes shouldn’t go.

And with that, my burning issues come to a cooling halt. Well not really, but nothing a chilled beer can’t fix. Too bad beer isn’t my thing. Lassi se hi kaam chalalungi!

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Virag J. Thakkar said...

Loved the Sid M Bashing, that guy is piece of trash.


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