Sher-o-Shayari with Rukhsana: Sangam

I've always been a fan of poetry. Doha's, shayari, great song lyrics; it all fascinates me. The amalgamation of beautiful Urdu and Hindi words together make for literature that is simply orgasmic. It's taken me years of reading, learning and understanding shayari before I myself could gather the courage to actually put pen to paper and actually write my first sher. I also figured, since I wanted to write shayari, I needed a very Urdu infused shayarana name. After some research, it was my father who found and christened me with a very apt sher-o-shayari alias: Rukhsana. And it looks like it was meant to be; Rukhsana happens to have the same meaning as Roshni: brightness.

So here is my first sher titled Sangam. I'm a diehard romantic at heart so naturally my first attempt had to be a stab at love. Please feel free to let me know what you think but keep in mind, this is just the beginning. I have full faith that my sher-o-shayari will only improve with time and practice.

Here's presenting: Sangam by Rukhsana.


Anjaan rahon mein aap mil gaye,
dekhte hi dekhte aap tum ban gaye.

Baaton mein, Ishaaro mein,
Hum aap se jurr gaye.

Aap ko na khabar humare ehsaas ki,
Aap ko na khabar humare jaazbaato ki.

Jab koi humse pooche, Aap humare hai kaun,
Nazarein chura ke, Palke jhukha ke,
Humne kahan, Sab kuch.

Un anjaan rahon ki na koi dosh,
Jab dil ne yeh khata ki.

Koi nahin se sab kuch, Yeh kab hua,
Pata nahin.

- Rukhsana 


Rachit said...

the lines soon starts rhyming with the soul.. a playful solace :)

Weakest Link

Faizan said...

Absolutely amazing my jaan.


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