SRK Goes Bobblehead for Don 2!

So you know how when a film is on the brink of release and how we get games and insane merchandise thrown at us which most of the time we just mock? Yeah, well fear not. With Don 2, you’re in for a bit of a treat. Instead of the usual hoopla, you have to check out this Shah Rukh Khan, in his Don 2 avatar, Bobblehead! Tell me you’re not psyched! As much as I ain’t a SRK fan, I can’t help but dig this fabulous way of promotion. And who better, I guess, than SRK to be the first Indian bobblehead.

Okay so, its limited edition and the brainchild of one very savvy Sohal Khatwani. While I was bowled over by his great innovation, you can expect a lot more bobbleheads from Khatwani in the future as he intends on creating more bobbleheads for stars, cricketers and of course, our “favorite” politicians. And if you’re looking to get your own bobblehead for wedding cakes, quirky giveaways and so on, contact Sohal for more details. He’s your man with a whole range of ideas which sound super innovative.

Looking for a more Bollywood way to fill a Christmas stocking or a funky present to gift? At 6.5 inches tall, I think you may just have found the best choice for this festive season!

Check it out:

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