All Garam, No Sharam Awards

Oh great, it’s the end of the year. So along with this wretched cold weather that has taken over California (yes, sunny freakin’ California has freezing temperatures), we’re about to be hit with countdown after countdown on every single site (read: boring).  You’ll be “treated” to the “which-khan-reigns” awards (best actor), “which-actress-dared-to-bare” (best actress) and a whole range of similar categories. But those awards were so 1927. We all know who’s gonna bag top notches this year and frankly, if the obvious ones don’t then some other Khan bought their award for a higher price. But something changed in 2011; things seem sexier and bolder this year. The actresses and actors have been slightly risqué with their presentation to the world. And thus, I decided this year that I wasn’t gonna countdown the usual falanah. Welcome to the “All Garam, No Sharam Awards”. Yes I’m devoid of shame this December, courtesy of one Vidya Balan, as I count down the most garam actors and actresses based on an asset that they have put on view in 2011. Nothing will be left this year; backsides, front-sides and a whole range of other sides. Besharami has no limit as I heat up this rather cold winter!

Check back tomorrow for the first installment!

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