I Love Shoe!

I own far too many and they are my most prized possession. I love them in every form: heels, flats, wedges, stilettos, peep holes, pumps, strappys, sandals, slippers. My name is Roshni and I am a shoe addict. It’s rather rare that I see a pair I like and choose not to buy them. It’s as though they call out to me. I can hear them cry when I don’t take them home. My soul tears when I leave a sole. Okay enough with the mellow drama. Quite simply, I have a shoe fetish. Nothing screams sexy like a pair of heels that completes a look. Add to the fact that it puts me up there with the big girls as well as ups my self confidence by a large margin—not that it needs anymore upping. Oh did I mention, it makes my legs look longer and sexier? Yeah, that too.

So check out these puppies from Nine West. For under $100.00, these Raffy Sandals come in a number of colors and even patterns. But what I love most about them is the comfort as well as sexiness they scream. I have them in Nude and whenever I put them on, I’m always complimented on them. The peekaboo leather weaved into shoe allows for some skin to peek through irrespective of whichever color you choose. The zip in the back just adds to the sex appeal. On pedicured toes, these babies can spice up any dress, jeans and even work clothes; they go super easy from day to night because of the stacked heel. And lastly, they work for summers and winters. Could you ask for anything more? I love!

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