Social Media and Me!

Growing up, I remember how hard it was to keep in touch. We used old-fashioned and slow methods to stay in touch. You know how it went. Write a letter, put a stamp and mail. But that wasn't even the hard part. It was the wait that took forever. You waited for your letter to reach (in hope that it would at all!) , and then wait even further for a reply. It was for this reason that most people chose to keep in touch so infrequently. It was just so tiresome. And then a miracle happened to us as the new millennium approached us: Social Media. All of a sudden, it wasn't so hard anymore! We were able to communicate quicker and easily provided you had a computer of some sort and internet capabilities. But it's done much more than merely allowed families and friends to stay in touch more frequently. Every individual will have their own reasons for what Social Media has done for them. Here are mine!

1) Communication is easy!

I've always loved to write. So for me, writing a letter was a good time to pull out a pad and let the recipient know what I've been up to. However, it was unfair for me to expect everyone else to share my passion for the pen. The likes of Friendster and Facebook allowed friends and family to stay in touch without writing pages. And if that wasn't brief enough, then Twitter came along to keep in succinct as messages are kept to 140 characters. Either way, communication has never been easier!

2) Revolutions!

A number of revolutions have erupted courtesy of Social Media. We only recently know of the Egyptian revolution which forever changed the face of Egyptian politics. However, if you really think about it, the idea of Social Media itself is a revolution in itself. Whoever thought we'd see a day when not only would connecting with others become easier but actual courses would be dedicated to Social Media and its effect on journalism.

3) Going Mobile!

In more recent times, it has now become über smart to own a smart phone. Not only are you able to sit and stay in touch everywhere, but you are left wondering how you would ever manage if you didn't have a Facebook app on your phone at all! On the flip side, it has changed the idea of "good table manners" forever. Yes, you know you do it. Mid dinner, take out your phone to check up on tweets and Facebook posts. We all do!

4) The Honesty Factor

Your name is automatically associated to whatever you post or tweet. This means, you can't ever really sit and deny what you say. Honesty has never been so, well, honest! And ultimately that makes you a journalist of some sort. I think for me, the fact that I am able to voice my own opinion whenever and however I feel like, makes Social Media the ultimate outlet.

Like I said, it affects us all in different ways. What makes Social Media work for me, may not do the same for you. So how ahs it changed your life?

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Vanessa Jensen said...

Social media has changed my life...since I have moved far from my hometown with social media I am able to keep in contact with family and old friends...its nice...I was never a big writer but it is now growing on me...I'm liking it more an more with each post...Enjoyed your article...thanks *


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