Rani Mukherjee on Turning 30!

Rani Mukherjee may not always be my favorite actress, but she is definitely a good actress. At her best, she really can steal the limelight from the best. She made her comeback with No One Killed Jessica and on the onset, made an impression. Personally, I loved her in the film because of her depiction as a feisty journalist looking to make a difference. R.M. (yes, I'm biased towards her because she shares my intials!) turned another year old this year and instead of giving a bashan on how we can be better people, she went on to give advice to young ladies under the age of 30. Titled "What You Should Do Before 30 by Rani Mukherjee", check out her top 10 things to do before you reach the Big 3 along with my comments.

Rani Says: "Do something physically adventurous: One should always take risks when you are in your twenties or when you are a teenager. But take risks that does not ruin or harm you. I have for the longest time been thinking of doing deep sea diving and even sky diving and it’s my aim that I will do it soon. I’m a total water baby and I love anything to do with water. I’m just waiting for the right time to plan and do sea diving and have a super experience doing it. So, all of you who haven’t done things that are adventurous go for it now."

Roshni Says: This piece of advice I completely agree with. Look, life is short and if you don't get out and do something dare devilish, then basically you really haven't lived. As they say, " If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." Now if only Rani would tell us which Extreme Sport she's indulged in, eh?

Rani Says: "Be at the top of your game: You need to be at the top of your game when you are in your 30s for sure. So, plan well and take your chances. 30s should shape how your life will be so that you can enjoy your 40s or 50s but for that you need to push yourself the hardest in your 20s. But hey, make sure you balance your life well. All work and no play makes anyone dull. I didn’t even realise when I touched 30 because right through my 20s I was working so hard and travelling so much. But it’s definitely been worth it."
Roshni Says: Agree again. So many times we get so bogged down with being successful that I forget that life is also about living. I'm at that point in my life but that doesn't mean I don't want to sit and enjoy everything else around me. So now, I take out time for myself every weekend to just sit and do things I wouldn't have time for otherwise...even if it's just cleaning my closet!

Rani Says: "Go on a all-girl/boy vacation: Any country. Any city. Being with same sex group is always somehow more fun. So, definitely go for one and have a blast. When you settle down, these things are difficult to you to do. So, before you turn 30 – unwind and travel a lot. Though I have travelled a lot, I didn’t get to enjoy the cities as much as I would have wanted to because I was constantly working."
Roshni Says: I never got a chance to do this courtesy of my committments to work and so on. However, this advice I will take heed to. I do agree with her "same sex is fun" angle. It's always a blast with the girls!

Rani Says: "Know yourself: Know what you want in life and get it too. There is no point in knowing what you can achieve and don’t do it. Know your strengths, weakness, and accept yourself unconditionally. Know who are the people in your life that matter, and be able to spot a fake from a mile away. Have enough self-love to avoid and break off unhealthy friendships and relationships."

Roshni Says: This virtue takes time to learn. It has taken me years to finally love myself and believe that I am not worth anyone's nonsense. In fact only now do I finally recognize where my strengths and weaknesses lie and I love myself..Just.The.Way.I.Am.

Rani Says: "Do volunteer work: This is very important and I think that every person must do some sort of voluntary work. Doing small things for others makes me feel good. I think we are all born to help each other out. Have a cause in which you believe. Improving your world, make it a better place to live in not just for you but also for others."

Roshni Says: So true. I don't feel I give back enough. This change will happen.

Rani Says: "A healthy relationship with your parents: It is very important to have a great relationship with parents because no matter what it is only your parents that you can completely fall back upon every single time. You cannot ever repay your parents for what they have done for you, so don’t try to ever do that. Be respectful and always grateful. Their love for us is unconditional and it should be vice versa."

Roshni Says: Can't agree more. I couldn't be more thankful for such great parents and the relationship I have with them now.

Rani Says: "Have a bank balance: Definitely at 30 you should have a bank balance to live life and pamper yourself so in your 20s work hard to rest on your laurels. By 30, you should’ve saved up for a hefty fund and put away a sizeable chunk away. Hopefully you have been saving up every month, and investing it wisely. get your dream home, own your dream car."

Roshni Says: Agree x 1000. Please read the above ladies, that is some solid advice.

Rani Says: "Have your heartbroken: Falling out of love is just as important as falling in love. You have to do the entire ritual. It has happened to me and it has made me wiser. So, definitely don’t be afraid of falling in love in your 20s even if your heart breaks into pieces. At 30 one should never have a heart break."
Roshni Says: Guessing Rani is referring to all her broken relationships (Abhishek, Govinda et al) but this is also very true. I always tell every young boy and girl that until they haven't had their heart broken, they'll never understand what real love is. It's a grand experience.

Rani Says: "Fall truly deeply, madly in love: I don’t think there’s a right age of falling in love so yes strike this off from your wishlist. You can fall in love madly and deeply at any age but be wise to know that it is love and not lust which burns away and leave you with nothing."
Roshni Says: I think Rani also forgot to add that you should "fall truly, madly, deeply in love" with the right person! Being in love is a fab feeling so enjoy it and bask in the glory if you've found the right man.

Rani Says: "Lose your virginity: If you still haven’t, it’s already too late. So, before you turn 30, if you feel right, lose it but only with the right guy because it is also all about feeling love."
Roshni Says: Don't know about this one. And it's ranked as her number one piece of advice too. Hmm... I don't think there is a set age to lose your virginity by. Erm...my advice is lose it to someone you are sure you don't mind thinking back (if God forbids things go sour) not feeling icky about giving it up to them. Love would be nice but sometimes, it's hormonal. And I guess that works too!

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