Interview with Mr. Sen!

It's fair to say that Mr. Sen is one of India's most acclaimed but detested film critics. However, I look at it like sheer honesty. Mr. Sen never banters on and on praising a screenplay that isn't there and definitely isn't looking to gain brownie points in the books of any celebrities. It's his amazingly here-it-is-attitude, that I most love about him. When it comes to his understanding of Social Media, he is definitely connected on all platforms. Sen understands how important Social Media is in this day and age. His interview is a must read as he talks about all things Social Media!

As a prominent journalist in India, how do you view Social Media and more importantly, how do you use it personally?
I use it most notably as a sounding board, to throw something out there and get instant feedback. It gives you mostly coherent feedback that you can filter into something of use. It's great also with following any form of news, finding out how the rest of the world is reacting to something at the same time that you're becoming aware of it.

Considering that Social Media is a relatively new idea and you began writing when it wasn’t around, how has it changed the world of journalism?
It's made the dissemination of information incredibly quick and simpler than ever. It is easier to send something out there now, watch people react in real-time, and, of course, easier than ever to stay on top of an emerging story/trend.

According to you, what are some major advantage and disadvantages of using Social Media?
Social Media, in all it's forms, is a great tool with immense potential. 'Tool' is the keyword. There is danger of overkill, overexposure and brand-dilution if boundaries aren't clearly drawn with Social Media usage. Like in any form of media, the medium is less important than the message, and Social Media thins out the field, separating those with genuine content from those without.

Which is your favorite form of Social Media and why?
I personally like Twitter because of how dynamically it works. I can tweet in a manner of seconds, and instantly hop across to see what is being said by people I follow. Sure, the format lends itself to both time-killing and voyeurism, but then mostly everything on the Internet does.

How can journalists use Social Media to build a strong portfolio, a community and/or build their own personal brands?
Authenticity is key. You need to find your niche and stick to it, showcasing your best work while being open enough to share what you find online. Everyone's looking for filters on the Internet, people and sites who recommend what they click on, and if you can become credible in this regard, that's half the battle won.

What advice do you have for any budding writers as to how they should fully use all or any Social Media platform?
The feedback bit I discussed in (1) is a great asset, and gives you a direct insight into how you're being perceived by your audience. It isn't enough to show off what you can do, however, but you also have to react to what your audience is saying -- and sometimes provoke them into action.

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