Facebook or Twitter: The Ultimate Battle!

It is by far one of the biggest questions asked today, “Which is better: Facebook or Twitter?” What’s interesting to note is that for the most part, people use both platforms. However there are certain individuals who have chosen one over the other. It ultimately depends on what suits your taste and how you intend on using both platforms. Everyone has an opinion, but what do the experts say?

1. Huffington Post:

According to Huffington Post, while the time spent on Twitter is increasing at a rapid pace, it still doesn’t match up to the insane amounts of time people spend on Facebook. They claim that Facebook tends to be more interactive in the sense that users are able to communicate with friends and family using the “wall” feature without a limited word count, are able to browse photos and updates and lastly, of course, stalk certain individuals – which has apparently popular amongst most Facebook users. However, that isn’t to say that Twitter isn’t used at all. Those who preferred Twitter over Facebook told Huffington Post, they believed it was quicker, more simple and universal. In addition, they also believed that Facebook in recent times had far too many “interferences” in the form of ads and applications.

2. Internetnews.com:

Internetnews.com declared that Twitter users are different to Facebook users. They believe that Tweeters are interested in news while Facebookers are more interested in “trendy topics”. They even went on to claim that Twitter should not be regarded as a Social Media platform. Analysts claim that by claiming it yet just another Social Media site, would be defaming it. Instead they chose to deem it “its own genre of an Internet phenomenon.” Facebook, they went on to say, is a lot slower with transporting information and news. Instead, it would be fair to call Facebook a “walled garden of friends” they added.

3. Forbes.com:

Off the bat, Forbes takes no one side. They immediately call both, Twitter and Facebook, as interactive. The difference then? The marketing, Forbes claims. According to them, Facebook uses the “Push” marketing dynamic. By this, Facebook basically throws a number of incentives at its users allowing them to partake in them as they reap rewards, i.e. Farmville. Twitter on the other hand, uses the “Pull” marketing dynamic. They choose to pull followers to tweet about topics and news that conversational and controversial even. An example includes Best Buy whose Twitter page allows buyers (and followers) to tweet their customer support team with questions regarding purchases and so on. This form of customer service is proving to be relatively popular with Tweeters on the internet.

4. Business Insider:

Business Insider claims that if Twitter add another feature to their 140 character scheme, Facebook could land up taking over the market leaving Twitter far behind. Realizing very quickly earlier on that Twitter had something unique on their hands, Facebook rapidly went on to add a number of features almost immediately after Twitter reached its peak popularity. They claim that Facebook’s database is almost ten times larger than Twitters; Facebook makes buckets of money while Twitter makes very little; and lastly, Facebook has far more resources than Twitter. Coming up soon for Facebook includes its own version of Twitter which will be integrated into Facebook which they believe will shut down Twitter…forever.

So which is it then for you: Facebook or Twitter?


Owen Greaves said...

It's Twitter for me, I get better news links and it's faster. FaceBook is a powerful force but for my business it is only really good for broadcasting, but that may change as they make changes to their system.

I also don't tend to listen to mainstream news sources or A List News Blogs, they tend to filter and skew to sell their content and other stuff.

I'm always looking for the sources or people that are bubbling under the mainstream, they have a more honest message, rather than a contrived lead me down the garden path message.

Just my 2 cents,


susanajourn65 said...

I'm still all about facebook. Call me old fashion but that is simply the tool that was popular when I was in high school and I am just too used to using it. Twitter is a bit complicated in very simple ways (if that makes sense).

suzzannajourn65blog said...

Well for me, each has a different use. I don't prefer one over the other, I just use each one for different things. Not that I've been a Twitter user for long- but it seems that in agreement with Internetnews I do tend to use Twitter for news I don't do so with FB. Though I do share other ideas about music, film, and fashion via FB.

A.S. Miller said...

I've been converted to Twitter - the social interaction of Facebook has always seemed awkward to me. I'd rather just email or see a person face-to-face; plus the stalking is creepy. Twitter lets me keep up with news and people in a much more simple way.

marianabra7 said...

Very good research! I would say that they are different. They have different objective. I don't think we can compare both as a which one is better. I guess for research things Twitter is better and to be in touch with people facebook is better but after reading Owen's article saying he expand his business contact by Twitter... i'm not quite of sure if i'm should say facebook is better to keep contact with people in general.

crucialthought said...

I agree with Suzzanna they are different tools for different functions. Twitter is better for information spreading while Fb allows for friends and family to stay in contact with each other more easily.

Shari said...

Owen, can you explain how you discern "honesty" in tweets?
Just wondering
THX for everything you are doing for "us."

Owen Greaves said...

A good question, only you can answer that question because it will beased on the interaction with whomever you are trying to determine is being truthful or not. If you have known a person online for a little while you can tell by how the communicate with others, trust is hard to build if you show that you are flippant, rude, cuss, put others down...eventually you have enough evidence to determine honesty ast some level.

Most people are honest, sometimes you have to wait along time to learn it from someone, but it's no different than when you are able to stand side-by-side, eventually you have enough information where you can discern if that individual is honest.

Integrity is everything here, you don't know me but you have come to a level of trust based on my actions, how transparent I am, and how helpful I try to be. If you feel you can trust me, you probably feel am an honest person too. I'll let you decide, but how I communicate, how I show I care for people, and how willing I am to be open & transparent makes it easier for you to discern if I'm an honest person.

I hope that helps.


Owen Greaves said...

You should should use what works for you, my experiences with FaceBook will not be the same as yours. FaceBook will work, I find it harder to get real good data and measurement from it because there's too much of a mix of friends, high school buddy's and people who are in business. On Twitter, I find people easier that are in business, not MLM, selling crap, but real business people wjo understand this space called Social Media.

Locally, hardly any of the business community uses Twitter, they use FaceBook and say it doesn't work so all Social Media doesn't work. I don't spend much time trying to convince them it does because they have already made up there mind.

Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder on Twitter) has an awesome BIO tag line, "Pray that I never become your competitor's secret weapon." That is usually my parting shot as I leave the meeting : )

Use what works for you, the one that works for you is the one you should use. You will find however, each social network serves different purposes.

Later on,


Owen Greaves said...

Each social network has a unique purpose, you have to figure out which one does what for you business needs, I use Twitter as my primary conversation channel, my news channel, and where I find incredible content. But Twitter's search tool finds me clients, how? That's where I spend most of my time listening.

I just gave you $1,200 worth of insight right there.

Take care,



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