Bollywood Goes Cricket Crazy!

What happens when you fuse, mesh and mix the best of both worlds, cricket and Bollywood? Mayhem! With the semi-final all set to create chaos all over the world, take a look at the types of images and slogans that are being thrown our way. Popular on screen characters and actors have come together to cheer on Team India in hopes that they will win the semi-final tomorrow and of course, go on to win the cup.

Chulbul Pandey's message to the Pakistani team: "Chulbul Pandey's message to the Pakistan team: "Itne chakke marenge ki confuse ho jaoge ki kaunse fielder boundary pe lagaye aur kitne border pe."

And if you've not heard F.A.L.T.U's Char Baaj Gaye yet, then here's a reworded version especially for the match, "Chaar baje gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai...Aussies Ghar gaye Pakis abhi baaki hai!"

Then of course, the images.

How on earth can Team India lose...they have Rajnikant on the team!

The new cast: Sachin and Afridi play Jodha-Akbar

I'll keep updating as I see and find more!

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