Koffee with Karan: Midway Chaos!

Koffee with Karan Season 3 dahlings, has reached midway and guess what? It has been filled with controversy. Just. The. Way. We. Like. It. Many have questioned whether our stars have completely lost it (manners, etiquette, tehzeeb, their minds and all that) but you can be sure TRPs are out the wazoo. I wonder what they put in that coffee sorry, koffee? Why is it the minute stars sit on that leather (read: rexon) couch, they get ready to pounce, claws and all? From that minute on, friends who worked with you for known (and unknown) reasons seize to exist and instead, celebs become vicious cows (donkeys for the men). In hopes to bag the Koffee Hamper, actors go all out but not until they are not fired up by the host himself. And so for all the controversies thus far, you can pretty much blame your host cum dost, Karan Johar. Okay here's taking a look at the good, the bad and the gosh darn (f)ugly in KWK Season teen.

The Good
Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan were adorable, with apparently the latter taking the cake this time, I'm told my fans (and new ones he gained via his appearance on the show). Their honesty and clear chemistry came through in the nonstop bromance the duo indulged in. Yes, they pretty much called it war with Sonam and Deepika but hey, the boys just called it as they saw it!

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were awesome! She was bubbly and excited to be on with the man in her life. He was much much much better than his last appearance with sister Soha and basically the duo were a hit. They spoke about their love, their films, their kisses and then Saifu did the one inevitable mistake. He called himself "reliable (understandable), strong (also understandable) and very long (uh, shady anyone?)". Immediately you squirmed in your chair. For simply this reason, this episode borders with good and bad.

Cute! That is all I could think when Amitabh Bachchan and Shweta Nanda took center stage. Their jugalbandi relationship was awesome! He was his super intelligent self while she surprised all with her wit and intelligence. Super good, this one was.

Shah Rukh Khan has to make an appearance. How could he not? K Jo would have had a mental fit if he didn't. So with no expectations, I watched. And guess what? He wasn't that bad. Yes, he said a few things which made you go, "Yeah okay Shah Rukh." But for the most part, he was watchable. While I don't buy his lame apology to Farah and Salman, his "I have no friends" statement along with his teary thank you to Karan, I do believe he is the most arrogant actor in town. This episode confirmed it. And so it too hangs between good and bad.

Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan were like girls in High School. I didn't mind them too much especially since they were having a good time. Quirky answers vis-a-vis, Rani's "I'm a bitch" one-liner, made the show that much more fun. As for their thumb sucking antic, yeah, pass.

Lara Dutta never fails to impress. This time she bought fiance Mahesh Bhupathi who also was gosh darn awesome. Together, the tag team were a laugh riot. Clearly giddy and happy, Lara was all smiles while Mahesh was relaxed and witty. No controversy; plain love for the duo. Happiness all around on this episode.

Ajay Devgn was simply superb for a first timer. He came and wowed with his unique style, answers and super suave attitude. I found myself swooning and totally understanding Kajol's reasons for marrying the uber awesome Ajay. Yes, he did go borderline nutty when he claimed he wouldn't recommend marriage to good friends Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, when he said he would expect to find dumb bell(e)s in Salman's room and when he said he wouldn't want to into Ranbir's room because he wasn't sure who he would find there. But overall, Ajay, A for effort!

The Bad
For the most part, Abhishek and Ash were pretty good minus her nonstop giggling and fake personality. But what to do? Old habits die hard. He was pretty cute with his answers while hers either kissed Bachchan butt or were plain old boring. Nothing too exciting from Bachchan parivar.

The only reason Raju Hirani, Farah Khan and Imtiaz Ali are being placed in this segment (The Bad) was because they were just so damn boring. Normally, I find myself psyched during KWK episodes. This time around, I found myself going for my remote control. Channel change required.

Priyanka Chopra lost a fan the day she appeared on KWK Season 3. Myself. Inspite of her "demure" (expose much?) choice of clothing through which she tried to direct all attention to her legs because of her bad nose job, we still caught on. Her boring answers, lame sharmofying and giggling every time SRK's name was mentioned made this episode so painful. Thank heavens, Shahid Kapoor gave us some remorse. Just for Priyanka's nose, this one loiters between Bad and (F)ugly!

Hrithik Roshan and Suzzanne were B.O.R.I.N.G. This episode told us a number of things. 1) good looking does not equal fun, 2) Hrithik thinks of himself as a car and 3) Hrithik is cheap. Thanks but no thanks.

The (F)ugly
Mean girls, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came on to clear all misconceptions. "We're friends!" they both sang. "We've been on a spa date!" they confessed. Rubbish. They both came on one single agenda: Ranbir. Must. Die. And they did just that. Deepika said he should endorse condoms, Sonam called him asexual and overnight, these girls were literally ousted by many Ranbir fans who wanted to smack the girls inside out. Myself included. Bitchiness prevailed with the so-called buddies. Mission Defame Ranbir? Accomplished.

The Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt episode was doing so well until something hit Anil like a bullet. He went all out to say a few things which had people questioning his choice of narcotics. "I miss Sushmita Sen's hugs!" followed by "Shilpa Shetty's lip job" were statements which made many go eeks! Even Dutt Jr. came out to ask if he was feeling okay. But the icing on the cake was special appearance on the show Kangna Ranaut's coy look when she was asked about plastic surgery and collagen. Look in a mirror lady.

And that does it for KWK Season 3 at Half Time folks. Much more to come so expect more controversy, more drama, more rubbish and higher TRPs!

Update 2/20: Why is it that the worst "couples" having koffee with Karan are those who have publicly denied their relationship? Priyanka and Shahid sat and acted like they detested each other and now, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma did.just.the.same. They sat and acted like they hated one another. Uh, we can see through the bad acting people. And was it me or did everyone sense the oozing sexual tension between them?

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