Dearest Readers,

Thank you all so much for logging on and reading everything I go on and on about. I know there are times where I seem too opinionated, too biased, politically incorrect and sometimes plain wrong but that hasn't stopped any of you from continuing to log on and read. And for that, I am eternally grateful. In addition, I am so appreciative of the nonstop comments that you all send in. The good, the bad, the ugly, I love them all! And I assure you each and every comment, irrespective of how crude and rude they can get, is published (with exception of one comment that attacked my family). It is those very comments that drive me to get down and blog even more! However, what I fail to understand is why many readers choose to make comments and then refuse to sign their own names? I get a whole bunch of "anonymous'" or other aliases; but never an honest name. Why is that? I definitely bear my crosses when I write a controversial article but never have I ever refrained from associating myself from it and signing with an alias.

I understand that some (read: a large majority) would much rather remain unknown but does that mean you don't stand by the meanness you throw my way? Food for thought, eh? In the meantime, to all you fearless folks who use your names when you comment, thank you for being brave souls. My love for you has only multiplied by 10. To the rest, I do recommend you develop a Dabangg attitude. You will need it.


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