Western Boyz!

Okay, so maybe I gush over Bollywood lads a tad bit too much. What to do? I'm a sucker for Desi boys. But that doesn't mean that the boys out west aren't cute. Hardly people! Hollywood houses some uber cute hotties and needless to say, there are days where I gush and swoon over them too. Hello! There are days where my favorites in Bollywood become like "ghar ki murgi, dal barabar" types and then of course, variety is the spice of life too! So who are these cutesy boys that I personally swoon over? Take a peek!

Jake Gyllenhaal
I have always thought Jake is one helluva looker - bearded or otherwise. But besides being incredibly hot (read: me is swooning and how!) he's a great actor and also politically active. I love a guy who stands up for something!

Ryan Gosling
Definitely one of my childhood celeb crushes! I remember loving Ryan Gosling as he played this despo-for-a-girlfriend character in Breaker High. Even then, at such a young age, I was just mesmerized by his sense of humor. And now, many moons later, he's cuter, more talented and still a funny lad.

Richard Gere
Forever and ever, I'll gush over Richard Gere. I think it's the salt-and-pepper hair that does it for me. Add to that the fact that he looks so freaking cute in a pair of glasses (my weakness in a man) a sexy smile, and I'm done.

George Clooney
Who on this planet doesn't find George Clooney hot? He's beyond hot and sexy. I don't even think I need to say anymore. As I normally say: enuff said.

And last but not least, Leonardo DiCaprio
I wasn't a fan instantly. No siree. In fact I think it took me ages to finally see what every other girl in the world saw in Leonardo DiCaprio: sexy and how! But now in every single film, I go va-va-vroom. Yes, Leo, suddenly I see!

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