Halla Bol!

In almost a span of 48 hours, my New Year motto changed. I have resolutions yes, but I also tend to keep mottos for myself which sets the tone for the year. Last year it was simple: stay out of trouble. And I managed to keep to my motto in 2010. So I walked into 2011 with a my mind set in ZEN mode and thus my motto was simple: Que Sera Sera. It all seemed simple; stay away from trouble, create no havoc and basically let life throw lemons at me -- I was going to make some good ol' fashioned lemonade. But then, I thought to myself, "Is that really what you want?" And my soul screamed, "NO!" I'm not a zen-like person; no siree. I am a total Halla Bol kinda gal. I enjot some controversy and some drama in my life. Except this year (much like last) I'd like to keep all the drama related to my work and writing.

So don't expect diplomatic blog posts or articles. This year my posts are going to get more opinionated in a number of arenas from Bollywood to social reform and issues that plain irritate me. And so, as Ajay Devgn hollered, "Halla Bol!"

Oh and here's wishing everyone a fabulous 2011! Here's to peace, love and prosperity for the new year and a new decade.

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Anurag said...


good to hear that you have keep it to yourself this year,

fab. new year to you too.


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