Tees Maar Khan Updates!

The music release, as you all know by now, happened on a train for Tees Maar Khan. The actors and crew all hopped on board a train to unveil the music of the film and needless to say yet again, Farah Khan created history. But aboard the train, it seems, not all was well. Katrina Kaif was cold and went about looking for her shawl which upset Akshay Kumar as he was stuck waiting for her before any media interviews could begin. Eventually the actor snapped and let Kaif know of his sheer unhappiness at her unprofessionalism. She of course, didn't take it to heart outwardly but sources claim she was pretty upset as AK shouted at her like she was a "junior artist". What does that mean? She apparently sent him a quick "sorry" message later on and he cooled down. Touche.

And then for the so-called item number of the year, Sheila Ki Jawani, Katrina Kaif will be wearing a number of outfits including one that is merely a satin bedsheet. Farah has used a 10 feet rotating bed apparently with a number of men screaming and howling at her. And the more they screamed, the sexier she gets.

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