Waiting for my Anjaana!

I had absolutely zero expectations of Anjaana Anjaani. In fact, I had heard through the grapevines that people on the set too believed this film was a dud and should be avoided. So why I trekked to watch the film was simply because of my undying love and loyalty for Ranbir Kapoor. But two things happened. Firstly, it wasn't me that came to the film, but the film that came to me and secondly, the universe (read: I believe in metaphysics) realized the need for me to watch this film. So the film is basically about two people, who believe their lives have no meaning anymore and so, get on a bridge to kill themselves. They meet and realize they have business to finish after their numerous suicide attempts fail. Collaboratively, they decide that they would finish whatever they need to before they make a pact to end their live on New Years Eve. They get out their bucket lists and in the process fall in love. Of course, there is a happy ending and they live.

Basically, life hasn't been exactly kind to me. It's been hard and I've had to deal with one roadblock after the other. I won't lie, I've had my moments where I've questioned my need to live. Although I have never come close to jumping off a bridge, or drinking bleach ala Priyanka Chopra. Nevertheless, life can get gosh darn hard and amidst the chaos, one does tend to lose faith in everything including love. Welcome to Roshni-Land; a place where love seems to shy and run away. I've had my share of love but more now than ever, I'd lost faith and now, even interest in the L-word. I think I've just gotten tired of getting to know someone, the emotions, the attachment, then the issues, the detachment, the break up. It felt so monotonous and tiresome. I came to a point where it just felt unnecessary and thus, I gave up. Until today.
Anjaana Anjaani came along and taught me some awesome lessons. I'm not sure if Siddharth Anand intended to have an underlying message in his film but I took away a bunch. For starters, nothing, and I mean nothing or no one is worth throwing your life away for. And I mean "throw away" in many ways. It's not worth jumping off a bridge, giving up a dream or even shutting your door to love. There is always someone who needs you and yes, as much as you believe your death would affect no one, it definitely will. And in ways you probably wouldn't realize. More importantly, what if life was about to begin? How would you know? You didn't even give it a chance to happen. There is this quote I remembered, "Life is happening". It sure is! And I've never been more excited for life like I am now!

Secondly, as much as love is hard; hard to find and maintain, it is the best feeling in the world. And the tag line for the film is totally correct, "The greatest love stories happen between strangers". This means, that the person you're meant to be with is out there. And it seems kinda exciting actually; waiting for some stranger to appear, strike a chord and possibly indulge in a love story. Who knows what adventures you could have together...perhaps even the one Akash (Ranbir Kapoor) and Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) managed to have. Look, I know I ain't getting no Ranbir Kapoor but a girl can dream... and wait. It will happen but only when it's meant to. And until then, I'm more than willing to wait for my Anjaana!

P.S. In some odd way, Anjaana Anjaani proved to be a liberating experience; best 2 1/2 hours of 2010 in some ways!

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